Walking into the Unknown

Stepping forward into somewhere or something new is pretty frightening isn’t it. That moment when you take a pace forward and yet have no idea where it’s going to take you. You know you have to but part of you wants to turn back round to a safe place. It’s where I am right now.

So much has changed in my life in five years that I am comfortable with it. I understand my emotions, I understand my dark days, I take pleasure in every day as its all made by me and for others. I love my career path. I love the people I interact with. I am comfortable. So why disrupt that and begin again?

Quite simple really. I have to. Growth, emotionally, spiritually, learning, progress, stretching, developing, new people, challenge. Just some of the words that spring to mind. The last reason is to live. I mean really live. I am not for existing. I gave up too much, worked too hard on me to just exist. I want it all and I intend to have it. Nothing and no one will stop me achieving my ultimate purpose in life, as difficult and complicated as it may be, I will live.

To work with others, to heal, to make someone smile inside, to take away someone else’s pain, to hold space, to teach people to breathe, to love and be loved, to bring and enjoy happiness at its highest level, to dream and achieve, to aspire to greater things, to learn, to dance, to be true to myself and to those I love. Too much to achieve? Not in my world.

Walking into the unknown still gives me, even after all I have achieved, that tight knot in the pit of my stomach. That tight ball of fear. The breathlessness. The first step I know though is the most uncomfortable and yet the biggest, most satisfying one ever taken. After the first step, the body takes over and continues by itself realising it’s safe, it’s fun, it’s freedom, it’s satisfying, it’s warm and forward is the only way to go.

Your ego will give a hundred or more reasons to stay where you are. It will throw at you those practicalities of money, safety, comfort, others opinion, education and confidence, yet we all know that is your ego playing its favourite game of procrastination. It’s time. It’s time to step forward and leave the safety of what has been and move into a new future of possibility. Stand tall, take a deep breath, trust yourself and have a clear sight of that future but this is not about the end of this journey and your new goal, it’s the journey itself. The journey is where you will learn, grow, laugh, love, become a new you and live.


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