Look… No Filter

Technology enables us to add filters to everything these days, and yet, if you look at this photo you can gaze upon the beauty Mother Earth has provided with absolutely no filter whatsoever. This is as she intended, to see her work in all its wondrous glory. Bold, bright, glorious.

Taking this photo reminded me how little I filter myself or my life anymore and how uplifting and empowering that is. No it doesn’t make me the most popular girl in class but at least I am being my authentic self and living my values – I am am happy with that.

What do I mean by no filters?

Let’s begin with what I see – I see things, places and people as they are. I seem to have an ability to see through the facade / filter that people place upon themselves and how they are living. I am able to see though people I guess would be a way to put it. I see the raw, the beautiful, the untainted you – and its far more beautiful than the picture you paint over the top – I see your honesty, I see your truth, I see the love you are scared to feel or give. I see you and wish you could see you too – you would love the you I see. I know I do.

When you speak what do I hear?  I hear the words between the lines – that place where no filter is possible, where a cover up simply cannot reach. Don’t lie to me, I can hear the true words beneath yours.  Don’t tell me you are fine, I can hear the words underneath the pain and torment and overwhelm you are experiencing. Don’t tell me you care, I can see the actions do not match – if you care, show me.

When I speak, I speak the truth. This does not make me popular as people prefer the lies, the half truths, the fantasy, the ego caressing words that we tend to speak to each other.  Finally I speak as my mother always taught me – honestly, as I see things and people and if I have nothing nice to say, I simply keep quiet and observe. If I am angry, I am quiet. If I am thinking, I am quiet. If I see something beautiful, or if I have a kind word that someone needs to hear, I speak it out loud to the one who needs to hear it, stranger or friend. If we have to move on, I say goodbye with love, no matter how hard that is.

You touch me with your pain, your need for friendship or love, your desire to be cared for or heard. You sometimes touch me with uncaring words, or hurtful looks or gestures. You sometimes have no other way of expressing yourself except through touching the ones you most care about with your hurt, trying to transfer it to someone else so you no longer feel it. You, if I am lucky enough to gain your trust, allow me to touch you. Only ever with the intent of care, love, attention, healing and the inner peace you are searching for to allow you to begin again. Touch is my gift – allow me to give.

Sometimes filtering can leave a sour taste in our mouths and even our hearts. It is at that moment we need to speak our truth. I speak mine through how I love, how I act, how I speak, how I live and who I am. I am not perfect and sometimes that taste in my mouth is there, the uncomfortable weight sits on my chest, the busyness begins in my head, I start to doubt myself and I know I have to take a deep breath and say what I know to be true. If I lose you, we have had our time and we both move on. I will mourn you a while but know it is right. If we stay and we travel together a while, I know we have a journey of discovery, loyalty, laughter and opportunity ahead and can’t wait to begin.

Filter what you say and you hurt yourself, you fester and a part of you dies. Take away those filters and you will discover a true you, a happier you and a stronger more empowered you underneath. Like everything else, it isn’t easy, you will make errors and it will take time for it to become your normal, but when it does, watch the world become brighter, the love you give out come back twice as large and be ready to feel a sense of peace you may have lost of never experienced before.

Live Life: No Filters.




Come with me….

Multi Dimensional Living or Tightrope Walking

There is a whole conversation to be had about how we live in a world of multi dimensions and continually slip between the the layers so that we find a world that looks the same but just has a very slight change that we don’t even notice has happened. But not right now. Today I just wanted to think about the fine line that we walk on and how something very small can bring us crashing to the ground or soaring to the sky. A bit like walking a tightrope.

Nearly every day I speak with people, mostly who you’d think are living the dream, or at very least managing well in the world, but they are hurting and they are hurting themselves and sometimes sat against the smallest and thinnest of walls which, at any minute, could break down and send them crashing through into a world they cannot return from – death.

Not sure where those words came from as this was meant to become something positive but let’s go with the flow now it is here…

Suicide…. a place from where we cannot return and a place we plan to visit to simply get rid of what what is hurting. Suicide is not necessarily seen as death – just a place where the pain stops. It stops for those who follow the path, it begins for those they leave behind.

I have been listening to the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman this week and these words sprang to mind from it…

“Some people long for a life that is simple and planned, tied with a ribbon. Some people won’t sail the sea ’cause they’re safer on land, to follow what’s written. But I’d follow you to the great unknown,  off to a world we call our own.
Hand in my hand. And we promised to never let go. We’re walking a tightrope. High in the sky. We can see the whole world down below. We’re walking a tightrope. Never sure, never know how far we could fall. But it’s all an adventure. That comes with a breathtaking view. Walking a tightrope.
Mountains and valleys, and all that will come in between. Desert and ocean. You pulled me in and together we’re lost in a dream. Always in motion. So I risk it all just to be with you. And I risk it all for this life we choose.
Hand in my hand. And you promised to never let go. We’re walking a tightrope.  High in the sky. We can see the whole world down below. We’re walking a tightrope. Never sure, will you catch me if I should fall? Well, it’s all an adventure. That comes with a breathtaking view.

This fine line, this tightrope we balance on. We can all walk it but with totally different mindsets – we choose? This fine line between worlds, unless we leave it too late (no support, no asking for help), we get to decide if this is an adventure with the breathtaking view or if we fall. How do I see my role in this world? To teach those walking it the balance, calm and clarity they need to walk it, to hold their hand when they falter, to catch them when they fall and sadly sometimes just share their space if they decide to jump.

Life is very much like walking a tightrope, it is a fine line that we can easily lose our balance on, but there is help, there is support. There is a way to enjoy the view because from up here you can see everything that is glorious if you go slowly, be observant, live in every single step instead of looking too far ahead and are prepared to take the hand of someone if you lose your balance.

I sit and I watch, I observe and I listen, and whilst doing that see the beauty in the world and in you. If you falter, just ask to see through my eyes whilst you regain your balance.

I have a dream…. think BIG, work small

I HAVE A DREAM…. I think we all know this quote and where it came from but that isn’t the quote I want to use today.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.

I have a dream…. In fact I have many; some work, some personal and some for others that I love and I know without working in the present, little by little every day, these dreams will always remain just dreams. BUT! If I live in the present moment, working on what I am doing, with intent, with care, with passion, and not losing myself in ‘what if’ and ‘maybe’, little by little my dreams will become my reality.

On bad days or in moments of despair I have been known to drift forward into fantasy land and I know you know the one… that place where all your dreams have come true and life is wonderful. I have lived there often and sometimes for far longer than was healthy. Why? Because it was life as I wanted it, everything was just right, life was perfect and life was easy – but more importantly, I was happy there. Sadly when you then arrive back in reality it is harder, darker, more complicated and you feel stuck in treacle with the lights off and someone sat on your chest to make sure you can neither breathe or move. It is fantasy and can be fatal.

This quote “Think Big, Work Small” was actually given to me this weekend whilst I was on a massage course and was referring to seeing the space I was working on as much bigger but focusing on, and working small and deep within – but what a beautiful thought process for life. See the big picture, have dreams and ambition but work deep and small, see the detail, plan, prepare solid foundations for what you are about to create. Keep your eyes on the horizon and your mind on the present but, in that small space, that detail, know that at every level you are creating a ripple effect and all you do impacts something else which in turn impacts another step, another door opening, another opportunity for you to take. It’s like a magical sequence of doors that lead you forward until one day you realise there are no more doors and you have arrived!

May I ask what your dreams are? Are they fantasy and fatal or are you thinking small and stepping forward little by little to achieve them? Do you have someone walking by our side or are you doing this alone? Have you even begun? Think big and work small – but you have to begin…. if you don’t you will reach then end and wonder ‘what if’ and that is just sad.  Your dreams don’t have to be fame and fortune – they can seem insignificant to someone else but remember they are your dreams and you are not only the dreamer but the creator and the one who will know that sense of achievement when you arrive!

Don’t live others dreams and don’t allow them to live yours but dream, dream, dream….. then begin.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.” Martin Luther King Jr.



What is overwhelm?

I have no idea what overwhelm is for you but for me it is knowing I have lots to do, knowing that I have already prioritised and ranked my tasks and I know that I can actually do it all BUT I simply can’t cope with it all without that breathless feeling, that shouting in my head, the noise in my ears and the inability to switch off.

Today is simply one of those days. As usual I wear a smile and if anyone casually asks, then I’m fine or having a really productive day. If however someone close asks, or maybe someone I know will ‘get it’ when I can’t put it into words, then I allow my barriers to drop and say ‘do you know, today I am just not coping’. That doesn’t mean I need them to fix anything or say anything positive, just hear my words and realise that just them asking was enough.

Today I got the words “I can only imagine. You are taking your business into new places and it’s uncomfortable. But nothing in this life is easy. You know that I believe in you. Many believe in you…. step back a bit and ground yourself. ”

That was enough to pick me up, brush me down, hug me through the airwaves and set me on the right track again. I believe in you. Powerful words when you yourself can’t, won’t, don’t or are just too much inside to see out. I believe in you. Astonishingly calming words when all you have is noise. I believe in you. Beautifully loving words when you are struggling to love yourself or what you do. I believe in you…..

When all else fails and your day feels like nothing is going right then remember that someone somewhere has your back and you can lean on them a while until your legs are strong enough to take another step.

Today I needed those words… tomorrow it may be you or someone you know. Remember them. Use them. Give them freely. Give them with love.

So from AARRRGGGGHHHHH to AAAHHHHH. From chaos to calm. From overwhelm to a sense of knowing that it will all get done / sorted at some point and until then just breathe and do what you can.

Don’t show me the hand

Rejection – the murderer of contentment. Self confidence – the victim. Insecurity – the life sentence (but only for me – rejection walks free).

“You aren’t good enough.” Whether said as bluntly or with a wrapping of pink fluff and gentle words or somewhere in-between, it is still rejection and I don’t know anyone who feels comfortable with that. Being rejected in whatever form or for whatever reason hurts.

Not saying I was insecure as a child but when I sent out birthday invitations I was traumatised by the fear that when the hour came for everyone to arrive, that no one would show! Utterly ridiculous I know, but even now I can feel that sense of rejection, all self inflicted, in the pit of my stomach and in fact, it still stops me doing things today. A battle I am yet to conquer.

Putting on events for me is the pits. what if people don’t want to come? What if they say no? What if they say yes and then don’t show? Would they go if it was someone else asking? Are they laughing behind my back at me even asking? OMG it’s like being in a horror story all of my own making! Logic and reason against years of insecurity, battling to the death.

It’s no good you sitting there and saying “but you are grown woman! Get a grip!” This is not something you can just slip off like a silk gown falling to the floor after a night at the theatre. This is not like having a door closed in your face and you just being able to push it back open. This is not like dropping something you don’t need into the bin and forgetting its existence. This is inbuilt trauma. This is breath catching horror. This is panic, fear, blinding paralysis and suffocation. This is an insecurity and my ego feeds on it. It devours it like a magnificent feast and is never sick after the party!

But, as you so rightly pointed out – I am a grown woman and I should not care whether people like what I do, whether they come and play and party the night away or whether they talk about me behind my back. BUT IT DOES – why? Oh that is simple – because I haven’t taken control of that just yet and need to seek out someone who can take that step back with me and then hold me there whilst I see what needs fixing. Until then? well I will continue to do what I must but with the knowledge that all those feelings are only in my head and not my reality.

When you have a fear that is ridiculous to everyone else it makes it worse knowing they are right. That doesn’t mean you have to beat yourself up, berate yourself for your insecurity or inadequacy that you now feel or stop doing whatever puts that fear in control. You work through it. You find a coping mechanism. You seek support but you NEVER, EVER GIVE IN.



Crazy in love?

You see! With this world I am crazy in love!  I do not believe in god but I wish for one above. I wish for higher frequency. I wish for understanding. I wish for endless decency, in a universe expanding.
I wish for soul survival. The linking of twin flames. I bleed for new revivals. Wish I could stop the pain. I wish that I could do it all, for every beating heart. Legs akimbo, standing tall. My shoulders are your ark.
It’s now or forever. If we fail to change our ways. The world ain’t gonna wait for us. Her Embers are ablaze. I wish to end the suffering. For the cogs of mass production. I wish to save the world. I need no instruction!

Zoey Blaize 2018

These words were written by a very talented singer/songwriter friend of mine and their simplicity and power touched my heart. I have never been a warrior for the universe itself as such, more for the people in it but recent months have given rise to the fact that what we do to the world around us is a mindless lack of care and love.

When I was in Cuba recently we had straws with everything – even our coffee – my friend and I wanted to scream at them – “stop giving us plastic, do you not realise what you are doing, condoning, ruining!” We saw damage to the coral reefs. We witnessed the litter scattered on the beach and at the side of roads, all abandoned by people who just didn’t care and wouldn’t take responsibility for their part of the universes survival. We saw the poverty leading to its own person centred destruction.

I am not and never will be a fully fledged Eco Warrior but I am a warrior in my own right; fighting for people, for their right to space, time and good health, mental and physical. I fight for the earths right for survival as long as possible for my children, my grand children and the grandchildren of my grandchildren tp enjoy and explore. I fight for those who do not have the capacity to express themselves. I fight for love and hope and our future. I cannot make a huge impact but I can play my part.

So I ask you today if you care enough to play your part? It begins with you, with loving you, loving you enough to have the desire, fire and determination to impact the world – beginning with your world, beginning with you.

As Zoey says so beautifully “I wish to save the world. I need no instruction!… With this world I am crazy in love!



Smarties at the bottom of the bowl

I love, love, love Smarties. I love to have some in a dish on my desk as a reward for getting all those administrative jobs done that we all hate and leave until they can’t be left any longer. They are my “eat the frog” sweets (your frog is your worst task, and you should do it first thing in the morning). The bowl this morning is empty and I have things to do – hell I need to go shopping….

What do you avoid doing? What do you do to encourage, cajole, force yourself to get them done? What’s your reward for getting lifes “frog” moments completed I wonder?

As well as Smarties, I love to do lists. I love, at the beginning of the week, to be able to collate all the jobs I need to do during the week, order them, colour code them (yes I have an traffic light system to depict urgency) and then print it off so it’s sat on my desk all the time. Oh the satisfaction of putting a scribble through each task when it’s done or at very least ticking it to show that I have made a start. BUT, there are things on there that I know have been there for far too long. Tadpoles let’s call them. They aren’t fully grown frogs but very soon they will be and I need to make a choice.

Now, do I get up tomorrow, get them done and reward myself with a Smartie (note to self – get to the shops asap) or do they stay on the list and I will try my hardest to tackle them or can I actually take them off as they have lost their importance or need to be done as I have left them so long? They are sometimes my “to be thought about” tasks – how to’s maybe or simply nice to haves. See I am already trying to justify why they are on there as well as my avoidance tactics! Get them dealt with !!!! They are on there for a reason – I know they are important!

Life has these all the time doesn’t it and we make excuses why we haven’t done them yet – you know the ones I mean – the ones that involve change, confrontation or just difficult conversation maybe, or the ones that mean we have to face ourselves in the mirror when we know we won’t like what we see. Oh yes I know you have already thought of yours but what’s your Smartie to get them done or, at very least, begun? Don’t use the excuse that there are no Smarites at the bottom of your bowl – the shop is not far away and you need to do these….



Falling through the cracks

Ever had one of those days where you feel that if you open your heart a crack will appear and you will fall right through. Falling not floating like Alice in Wonderland. Falling like off a cliff or from a plane with no parachute. Today is one of those days.

So much going on, so much to cope with, so many others to be strong for, so much for so many and not enough for me. I don’t know how to even begin but this is a start. I suffer from depression, but this isn’t it. I suffer from anxiety, but this isn’t it. I suffer from overwhelm – ahhhh there you go – that is what it is.

So many things to do, things to organise, things to look after, things to follow up on and still the mundane work life balance to maintain. Talk about it! Err I can’t – who do I do that with? All the people I would normally talk to are part of the overwhelm! Park it and move on with my day! So can’t do that, I’m stuck in treacle and have no escape. Take a breath and review the scale of this! Okay that seems doable. Let’s give it a go….

Three very deep and long breaths later and do you know that helps. It’s like putting on armour – to protect me, to give me strength and give me the focus I need to get through the next few hours. I am not looking further than that. I can’t look further than that.

Tears rust armour so they aren’t allowed but damn them they want to fall. Let them go and lose control or hold them in and put on a brave face? Normally I’d always advise to let them go but these ones I am not sure will stop and I have “stuff” to deal with today so I will let them loose when I’m done with the day.

When you want to help but are told you can’t – how useless do you feel? You feel responsible to make that person better but know they don’t want your help. You have to stand and watch – that is a torture and so very difficult to bear. When you want to mend but know you don’t have the skillset – how naïve can this make you feel? When you want to gather everyone else’s problems, illnesses and  issues together and tidy them up and sort them out but don’t know where to start – what a dysfunctional person you become.

Damn this overwhelm. This is taking over every thought, every action, every second. Take a breath and review the scale of this! Okay that seems doable. Let’s give it a go…. repeat and continue until the world makes sense again. Never mind looking to tomorrow, this afternoon is long enough away in time and this overwhelm cannot seep into it. Take it by the throat and take its very breath away by breathing with yours. Breathe in courage. Breathe in strength. Breathe in knowledge that you have the power. Breathe in, breathe in, breathe in. Breathe out overwhelm until it exists no more inside you.

You can’t fix the world, accept it but you can heal yourself. That is always the place to begin. Heal. Love. Empower. Self. Only when you’ve done that do you have anything at all to offer anyone else.

I am more than I appear to be, all the world’s strength and power rests in me! That means I do what I can, control what I can (my actions and responses to life and that is all) and be the best I can.

Overwhelm – do one!


Do you know what complete surrender is? Have you ever experienced giving yourself utterly and totally to something or someone? It is not an easy thing as there has to be total trust, total belief in yourself and those on the journey with you and the purest honesty you will ever know.

In surrender there is nothing. There is no hiding. There is no holding back. There is freedom. There is pure naked loss of control. There is something divine. There is silence. There is pure unadulterated bliss. There is a place where there are no thoughts. No words. The silence is deafening and the world has just stopped spinning, for a split second there is a stillness and then a release.

So once you have reached this ultimate sacrifice of yourself what then…. I believe it is all you ever dreamed about giving, receiving, learning, loving, hoping, wishing, manifesting. Freedom. Freedom from others, freedom from yourself. A sense of power. A strength through your very core that no exhaustion or loss of energy can ever take away. An inward breath of life; a gasp, a sharp intake of air so fresh that it somehow stops everything for a split second, allowing your body to realign itself and become something more; placing you in another dimension from where you have been living.

Surrender – a dictionary definition can sound very negative when it states “capitulate, give in, give (oneself) up, yield, concede, submit, climb down, give way, defer, acquiesce, back down, cave in, relent, succumb, quit, crumble“. These synonyms bring about a sense of loss, backing down from something, of giving in, of admitting defeat but look at them again and find their power. To give in takes courage, a higher mode of belief, a faith in yourself and your surroundings that you will grow from the act of letting go. To defer to anothers knowledge, faith (especially when yours is low), a strength in character or ability and being power in your own skin. To succumb can be most beautiful – the most precious gift you give to yourself and therefore those around you.

Surrender to the universe and feel the freedom you are given in return. When you surrender you are saying “take me, take from me all that I carry, all that I am and free me from it all. I give you myself. I trust that you will take care of me and keep me safe. I surrender and give all I am to be all I will become”. And, as the great Eckhart Tolle says “sometime surrender means giving up from trying to understand and becoming comfortable with not knowing”.

Most of all enjoy the feeling, the emotions, the beauty in giving yourself. Open to that blind silence within and breathe. When you surrender yourself, others see the you inside, the you that shines, the pure you who came into this world. When you surrender feel every moment and treasure it for all eternity. It is truth. It is power. It is pure poetry. It is…. silence.