Sit Back and Watch Your Life

Have you ever just sat back and watched your own life? Have you ever stepped back, taken the emotion out and simply observed what you do, how you do things, what you say, how you react to others or who you interact with and their reactions to you? Have you ever just stopped and allowed life to happen?

It’s a big and sometimes uncomfortable time but you can learn so much. So much about life, about you, about change, about possibilities and what you need, don’t need, want or don’t want in life. Waiting for someone to show the real version of themselves is worth the journey too. You can find yourself in a place of exquisite clarity that may only be experienced when you completely surrender.

Do you ever find yourself asking what life is about or what are you meant to be doing? Are you beginning to question the rights and wrongs of where you are right now? Have you reached a point where you know the only way to achieve what you want is to turn your life upside down and simply begin?

The world is changing around us and we are changing within it. Some are discovering morals and values and belief systems they were previously unaware of. Some are walking away from all they have known just to experience or find something new. Some are simply saying ‘no’ this is not going to be the rest of my life – change has to happen. Some are unsure of their potential and whether they can do this, and some are going ahead all guns blazing.

Many of us are desperate for life to change, some know how and what and some do not even know where to begin, but beginning is all you have to do. Courage sits within each and every one of us and we can create all we need to be happy within ourselves. When you are not sure where the path ahead leads or even how to find it, sit back and watch your life for a while and the answer will be given.

You need to make time for this process, for it to germinate, begin, grow and develop and if this is important to you then you will make it. You need to be honest with yourself and open to what you find. You need to question what you do, how you do things, your values, your choices, what you are willing to release to move forward and you need to look through eyes that are open, not afraid to see and gentle enough to do it with love.

What you see now is simply that, now. What you will see if you objectively view, review, choose and act on what you know to be right (for you), will be…. well who knows…. that’s the excitement of it all.


Silence – Can You Handle It?

We sometimes catch ourselves wishing for quiet or silence but when we have it can we handle it?

We sometimes catch ourselves asking for everything to stop so we can just enjoy the stillness, but do we have the ability to actually sit with it?

We sometimes catch ourselves asking for more time, but when we have it do we know what to do with it or how to use it wisely?

Speaking for myself I not only love all three of these, but I ensure I include them into my day; every single day. Why? Because I need that time, quiet and ‘my’ space to reflect, re-energise and breathe. It doesn’t take up much of my day – perhaps 15 minutes, perhaps an hour if I am particularly low or rundown, overwhelmed or tired (yes I get all of those even though I do all this religiously. I am human after all.)

Let’s take what quiet is…. I actually find quiet with music in my ears. I put my headphones on and whilst I know the music is playing, it creates enough distraction for my mind to be unable to process thoughts that may disturb my quiet. Weird but true. To find this I have to sit or lie down (the latter is sometimes fatal as I can fall asleep), usually in my office where I have a sofa and I am far away from the noise of day to day life. I also have to close my eyes and breathe until the music takes the thoughts and I am left with the silence in my own head.

Quiet to me is usually blackness – not a sad, depressing blackness, but a beautiful star filled night sky kind of blackness. Quiet seems to move my eyes from focusing outwardly to inward looking, even though they are closed. It is as if I am inside my own head or heart, depending on where I decide my focus needs to be. When finally the thoughts are silenced by the music and my breath is relaxed and even, the darkness begins to play with me.

Into the darkness can come colour, faces, or movement but all silent and gently passing in and out of my minds eye – never stopping, never giving me enough to focus on and never taking my attention away from the quiet they are moving through. And then, when my body and my mind has had enough, the music seems to come to the forefront of my thoughts, my body decides it needs to move and I am done. I am done, I am re-energised and ready to tackle the world.

Quiet to you may be different but do you dare go and find it? Quiet can be too much for some, especially when you first venture there – your ego constantly poking you, telling you that you can’t do this, that it’s is no good for you, that you don’t have time, that you have bills to pay, debts, personal worries, family worries, work upset or stress…. the list is endless. (Try and create a persona for your ego, one you can see, feel, touch and one you can therefore send to the naughty step like a child, until you are done). Your ego has to be tamed, controlled, silenced (and it is possible when you take back your voice), and then your quiet can show its face.

Quiet can be the place your demons play. Quiet can be the box that you have kept the lid tightly shut on for years. Quiet can be the memory box of random thoughts and worries. Quiet can be all you feel you don’t have the energy, the willpower or the capacity to sit with…. but you can, if you just try. Every day try. Once is not enough to justify not visiting again. Small, consistent attempts, will help you find the quiet you seek.

Quiet is beautiful. Quiet is healing. Quiet gives you a sense of calm and power. Quiet fits into your life, no matter who or where you are or what you do. Quiet is essential for peace of mind, mental health, stress level reduction and all that is good.

Quiet is free, available to all and somehow creates the time you so desperately need in your day. I dare you to try and find yours…

Creating Our Reality

Being part of society can be a great thing. For some it gives order, structure, rules, guidelines and a feeling of solid conformity. For others it gives labels, restrictions, fear, hardship, blindness to humanity and a sense of not belonging.

Society as we know it today was written many many many years ago, mainly by men, who decided how we live, where we live, what we can and cannot do, and have given us governance by a set of rules that all must follow.

This is not a political rant.

This is to discuss how this very society that was created for freedom, for a peaceful way of living and a safe environment to bring up the next generation, has actually created a sad, stifled, rigid and restrictive life for much of the human race.

Maybe it is time for people to step out courageously and create their own reality. Say no to how they are told they must live to be a happy civilised member of society. I’m not talking of breaking the law, but I am talking of finding out who you are and what your particular needs as a human being are, to achieve happiness and peace in your life.

We have become people who are told what they can and cannot be, maybe according to their faith, their race, their colour, their location or their status. And we seem to have become people who believe this is the only way to live. We have become people who are unhappy and angry and bitter but also reluctant to stand up, stand out and fight for what is right for our own happiness.

We have become people who believe that what we have is what we deserve or all we can ever expect to be. We have become people who are self centred, look after no one outside our immediate circle and trample over those who cannot fight and fight those who have achieved success by knowing what they want and ensuring they have it.

The so called odd members of society; the dreamers, the believers, the passionate about change, are shunned or made to feel that they cannot belong in the world man has created. Maybe it is time for the odd ones to join hands and co-create a race who dares to challenge, invent, find purpose, dream that there can be more and assure another to also believe that as they are, they are always enough.

The reality we live in should be the reality we choose. The reality we choose should be the one that makes us content, at peace with both ourselves and our choices, and the one that gives us a sense of purpose and achievement. This is not a selfish world. This is ensuring we are, and we have, the best possible to be happy, as this is when we have enough to help the person next to us achieve the same for themselves.

It is time to create a new world where we stand up for those who are weaker than we are, hold a hand to lift up another when they fall and have enough love in our hearts for ourselves, that we go with confidence and courage and give some to the one we see who needs it. It is now time to break the rules of society, in fact break free from society, and become individuals who think and choose and take responsibility for who they are and what they give to life.

It is time to create our new reality.

Black Dog Barking

I wake each morning and I am grateful. This is my way of waking and saying f**k you depression, you cannot have me today.

I give. I heal. I touch. I love. I am happy.

And yet…. my life is not perfect. I hurt. I cry. I miss my loved ones. I yell out loud to be touched. I beg for affection. I desire perfection. I want to be happy. I want someone to tell me for a change that my world is going to be okay. I want someone to lift my chin and wipe away my tears. I want someone to just text me and say “are you okay I worry about you”. I want my kids with me and not feel second best or a failure. I want people to notice I hurt too and then offer to pick me up, brush me down and get me walking again.

Why? Because I am that statistic. I am that one in four. I battle with depression. I have a black dog and he barks too damn loud some days.

Label me. Talk behind my back. Avoid me. Pity me. Don’t believe me because “she always has a smile and time for people – she can’t be that bad”. Or…. maybe read my words, feel what I feel, try and understand the dark and lonely days, know Christmas is hell, as are the days where life went wrong and haunt me year in year out.

Know that a kind word, a smile, a hug are like magic and send through me a warmth like a fire being lit inside. You don’t have to try to and nor can you ever hope to fix me. Just walk by my side, acknowledge the dark days and celebrate the good ones. Hold my hand, ask me questions, light up my world and give me hope that tomorrow is another day and I will be there too. Help me, allow me, to lower my guard and open my heart as well as my mouth.

Remember that I wake every morning and I am grateful. This is my way of saying f**k you depression, you cannot have me today.

I write not for your pity. I write because this is how I express myself. If it makes you uncomfortable I thank god, as it means you have a heart filled with compassion for another human being. I am truly blessed as I am loved and I have purpose so my world is a good one and I can silence my friend, the black dog. But… many they cannot quiet him because they don’t know how. Many suffer in silence because they cannot find the words. Many take their lives because it is the only way to take away the pain. Hear them, see them, listen to them. They need you too.

My black dog was barking this morning but a walk, a hard conversation with myself, the chatter in my head told to shut up and me knowing I have people who love me, he was silenced for another day.

Maybe you have the dog that barks… you get this… know I am here for you.

Merry Christmas

It’s a couple of days. It really is just a couple of days.

For those who believe in god this is a celebration of the birth of Jesus, hope for the future, blessings and love.

For those who don’t it’s about Santa Claus, tradition, gifts and good food.

For many it is joy, happiness, spending time with loved ones and peace on earth.

For others it is loneliness, anxiety, stress and a time they wish it was all over.

For all of us it is just a couple of days and has to be managed – whatever you believe and however you feel.

If you are in a good place seek those who are not and share your time and love. If you find this time hard accept the support and love you are offered and know tomorrow will come.

My purpose is to give to those who are in need and I hope today that this reaches all those who need to hear it, feel it or be touched by it.

I am here on this earth to give but all I have is my heart and today this is being sent from me to you.

It’s A Privilege…

What does the word PRIVILEGE mean to you? Is it about rights? Is it about the life you were born into? It is a gift? Is it a pleasure?

I cannot say for you but for me, I have used this word this morning when someone asked what my work means to me. When someone invites me into their life with my work (and by invitation is the only way I do or can work), is when I use this word. It is a privilege that they will share with me their deepest darkest thoughts, worries, fears, their highs and their lows and the thoughts and words no one else in the universe has heard them voice sometimes. 

This invitation that they give is an invitation into their very soul and that my friends, is a privilege. I cannot think of any greater honour than for another human trusting me enough to share a part of their life.

When we are vulnerable, lost, in pain, sick or hurting, it takes a huge amount of courage to ask for someone to support, help, guide, lead and just be with us during this very difficult time. This time of development, grieving, learning and growth.

You may wonder why the elephant photo when this is about being there for someone else…. this elephant, without knowing it, moved me from the place where I stood to a place I needed to go. This elephant listened to my innermost thoughts, dreams, sadness and wishes for the future and gave me courage. This elephant showed me how to be brave, creative and how to understand someone else’s need for love, and then give it unconditionally. This beautiful beast was tender, quiet, still, patient, and touched a part of me I thought I had closed off – my heart.  This elephant laid her head on mine whilst I stood beneath her with my head against her chest and said “it’s okay to hear your own heart beating, listen to mine, it does the same. Whilst we are in different skins, we are the same and we need to give and receive love.”

I try to take this with me into my world every single day. I try to hold a stillness, a sense of quiet for someone else to step into and borrow until their own world is quiet. I try to give my heart openly and honestly to anyone who needs to hear and feel that it is okay to trust and love again. I use the creative inside me to allow another to connect in a way they can communicate. This is not about work, although that is how I use it there too, this is about being a human who is there for others. This is about living my life in a way that allows others to use my courage, my strength, my belief and my love whilst they search to find their own. This is about unconditional love for another human. No more, no less. It is being human.

So when we look and think of our lives versus others; when we compare and believe we are less or someone else is or has more; when we have someone open up to us and we turn away; think again. Your life, how you lead it, what you say and what you do can impact on another human being, even if you are not aware of it. This, my friend, is a privilege. Don’t miss it. Don’t mistake it for being a burden to you. Don’t turn another away because you think you aren’t enough. You being in someone else’s life even for a moment in time, is a privilege that cannot and should not be overlooked.

Here’s to Farewell

Do you like to say goodbye? Gosh I am rubbish at it and it takes me forever to say it, especially if it’s a permanent goodbye. It doesn’t matter if someone has been toxic or loving in my life, letting go is just the hardest thing for me to do.

But I also know that it is a most important thing we have to do in life sometimes, that is to let things and people go when the time comes. Sometimes you are ready and sometimes you are not but let them go (with love and kind thoughts) you must.

I fall in love with people so easily. I just love people. I love their highs and their lows, I love their good bits, quirky bits, happy and sad bits, funny and unusual bits. I just love people. I know when someone new comes into my life it is for a reason and we are going to have fun, learn, exchange thoughts, emotions, ideas and I absolutely love, love love the whole relationship. I am just rubbish when it ends. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t weep and mourn for months on end as I know that we each have a journey and that one has ended but I miss them and what we had.

So, how do we manage when someone leaves or we choose to leave them? For many of us, badly. And do you know, this is okay. Even if the relationship has been toxic or has ended abruptly or badly, at some point we had an affinity, a love and connection with that person, and to lose that leaves a gap.

It is about how you fill that gap and in my experience the first thing to fill it with is love. No, not just jumping into another relationship, business partnership, friendship, or finding someone to give your heart to, it is love for yourself. You have to remind yourself that you are the most important one at that moment and you have to show yourself care, and gentleness, give yourself time to grieve that relationship and show yourself some love. Don’t beat yourself for things that were said or not said. Don’t rake over things and play ‘what if’ over and over again in your head. Don’t stay sad. Be sad but don’t stay there. Allow the overwhelm to come, if that is what you feel. Allow the tears to flow if they begin. Allow your heart to break a little or a lot BUT repair it with love and kindness for yourself.

These relationships are not just the loves of your life. These relationships are business, friends, family, acquaintances. It matters not the type of relationship, the end result can be the same. In a business sense it is not that you fell in love as you did your wife, husband, partner but you did create a bond with that person or those people and you did share respect, get to know each other on some level and yes they have probably been a financial benefit, but you have to still grieve in a sense when they leave. You have to backfill, maybe begin again with a new strategy, create new relationships or widen your client base but you simply have to pick yourself up and start again. The minute you choose anger, disappointment or frustration to stay you have given yourself a huge hill to climb in moving on and getting back on track on so many levels.

When they walk away, especially if you don’t really understand why, it can be a real wrench and you find yourself in a bit of a turmoil wondering what you did, blaming yourself, or going back through conversations. When you decide that it is time for the journey with this person or these people to be ended it can be hard finding the right words or time – I can usually find a hundred reasons to stay. The only time I can walk away easily and never look back is if someone crosses my values – if they lie, if they cheat or if they are dishonest in any way, I have no qualms about turning and walking away. I do not give second chances in these situations. I am curious as to what would make you walk with ease.

I love people. People inspire me, shape me, grow me. I love listening to them. I love being part of their time here. I love being trusted to support, listen, guide, walk alongside. What they get from being in touch with me I cannot say – that is for them to know. I hope it is positive (but being realistic I am sure that is not always the case) and I hope they feel a better person for spending time with me. All I can do is make sure I give all I have and everything I do is with openness and honesty and love. What they take away from this is up to them. I cannot control that bit.

Farewell, goodbye, au revoir, auf weidersehen, namaste – it doesn’t matter what word you use as it has a finality, an ending, a closure and must be accepted. It must be given or accepted with dignity, love, kindness and for the very best of reasons – whatever that is depends on the situation and the relationship you have. On a whim or in anger is not goodbye – it is a reason to drag it out and create pain and no space for closure for anyone.

I have said goodbye many times in my life and some took longer than others – some a few minutes and some 30 years but I found that in saying goodbye I also felt a sense of peace. A sense of personal power, courage, strength, closure and managed to take a step forward into something new. That has got to be good hasn’t it?

If today you are saying goodbye, whether to friendship, business, a loved one, or a part of you that no longer serves you, try and do it with care and love and gentleness to yourself and to them. Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Life continues but sometimes differently to the plan you had in mind.





Just Be You…

Life is all about you. You are life. If you are trying to live someone else’s life, who is living yours?

We spend so much of our time on planet earth trying to be someone else, like someone else, as good as someone else. What about being you? We have the media throwing information at us as to how we should look, what we should read, watch, listen to, and what we should and shouldn’t say. What about being you? It takes courage to be you and therein lies the problem.

Are you willing (be honest here), are you really willing to stand up and be counted? This could mean defending your beliefs, your truth, your honour or standing up for someone who cannot defend them self or even dressing as you want to dress, walking away from a job that doesn’t serve you, saying what you need to say or living the life you want to live. It could be walking away from an unhealthy relationship or a total life change. A simple “yeah of course” is not enough – I invite you to be really honest with yourself and see if it is true.

I always thought I was the one who stood up to be counted but as I look back I was lying to myself. I spent so long trying to conform that I didn’t even realise I was trying so hard and that it hurt. Nowadays I guess maybe I have reached an age where it isn’t important to me what others think of me, but I have also worked hard to reach a place where I simply like the person I am and most of all I am happy. That’s all any of us want right?

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” is an Oscar Wilde quote that I just love and it resonates with what I try and help people achieve via my therapies, so it works well as a strapline on my business cards, but what does it actually mean? Is it just words?

To me (and it may be different for you) this quote is about living the life that ensures I live by my values of trust, honesty and integrity. This is ensuring that I am true to my belief that everyone has a right to be heard and listened to, and that everyone has a right to be loved and cared for and that everyone has a right to be happy. This does not mean these are simply gifts which are given, they have to be earned, but everyone should be allowed to receive and achieve them.

Being yourself is about feeling confident enough in your own skin to make a stand if challenged; doing, saying and feeling what is needed, maybe standing alone, letting people go or putting yourself in a place of vulnerability where you may just be hurt; and being yourself is acceptance that you are enough. I am enough, what about you? It is okay to say yes – it doesn’t mean you are not willing to grow or change, it means you are happy where you are, today.

People say, look inside yourself, you will find yourself there…. what on earth does that mean? If you are a literal person you are going to see bones, and blood and muscles and squishy stuff – is that who you are? Look inside me and and I am just the same as you in that department – all goo and sticky, icky bits, BUT, if looking inside means finding what your core values and beliefs are, how you want to live, how you will honour others beliefs and values or how you choose to communicate with others who cross your path, then we will probably all be very different. If you live every day the best way you can, accepting your good days and bad days, accepting the temper loss and frustration as well as the love and kind words,  then we will all be very different but possibly aiming at the same target – one of making ourselves and, in the process, making others, happy.

In a lunch break or maybe tonight over a glass of wine or beer or a cup of tea, I challenge you to take a look at you. Are you trying to blend in so you cannot be seen? Are you being someone you aren’t for the benefit of others – to please, to satisfy, to prove a point or because you have been told that is the only way? Are you ready to step up and step out and begin to find the you beyond the visual we all see?

What is to be done? Some will say transform. Some will say reconnect. Some will say change. Me? I say be brave and just be you, everyone else is taken.

What Makes Me, Me

I have asked myself to look inside and see what is there. I don’t mean the physical sh*t; heart, lungs, liver, bones and so on, I mean what is inside that makes me who I am. Indeed – who am I?

Don’t you just love it when you get a profound question running through your head on a Friday morning!

Who am I? Wow that is a biggie.

I know who I have been so that is a start, right? I know I have been a dancer. I know I have been a lover. I know I have been a wife, a mum and a daughter, sister and aunt. I know I have been a failure. I know I have been a success. I know I have been a trier and I know I have been courageous. I know I was a giggler. I know I was a soft touch. I remember being brave and I remember being weak. I vaguely remember being a teenager, all full of dreams and angst and sadness as well as romance and learning and joy. I know I have loved and have been loved. I know there have been days when I wanted to end it all but then I have also known that even my flaws are fabulous.

I have been many things to many people and some I carry into today and some I leave where they need to stay – in the past. So who am I today?

I am a woman. I am bold. I am beautiful. I am open and honest to anyone who truly wants to know me. I have a heart that I will give to anyone who needs it. I am still a giggler. I am a lover – a lover for people, of people, with people, of life. I am a writer in my own way. I am most definitely a healer. I am sparkle. I am heart. I am laughter when the mood strikes me. I am….

(wait a second – as an aside as I write this….. when I write like this, am I just reading my ego’s words – I, me… Is this my ego or do I have accept that my ego is always a part of what makes my physical side? That is not wrong is it? If I allow my ego to become the centre of attention to be praised and looked upon as special, that is wrong isn’t it? My ego is my state of mind? My ego is the external object but that doesn’t make it a bad thing – not always?  If I tell you who I am, does that open the door for you to do the same with me? That’s good right? The “I”, the “me” I talk about here is the spiritual me. The true me. The me I only give to a few, to allow them to become the “me” they need to be. The me and the I here is my soul.)

Anyway… back to what makes me, me…. I am made by the people around me. I am made with the love I am given, I am made by the challenges set me. I am made by empathy and forgiveness for my flaws. I am made by support and I am made by their need to be better – that allows me to give back what they give me. I am alive and I am living life – that is most important for me to remember – I have made choices, some easy and some more difficult, but choices which allow me to be the me I am today.

I am ridiculously forgiving unless someone lies to me. I am still a dancer. I am nauseatingly (for some) positive. I am a mother and that is the most rewarding, joyous gift I have been given. I am a woman with questions about people, about life, about love, about possibility (yes I am nosey). I am sensitive – sensitive to criticism but also to touch and emotions and energy. I am naughty. I can still be silly and let my hair down. I am a reader – of books and of people.

So why do I need to know all of this? Because it is the only way I will know what I want for my tomorrow. If I do not understand myself, how can I possibly understand my purpose, what others see, what others need from me, or what I am capable of achieving. If I know who I am, I am stronger, wiser, more courageous and I am able to give myself to others without the fear of being lost to them. If I don’t know me, how can I possibly know you and that is, at the end of the day, what I want to do.

I want to know the you inside. I want to know your highs, your lows. I want to see what makes you laugh, get angry or frustrated, cry. I want you to know that I hold all you tell me inside and never share it with another soul. I want you to trust that what I tell you about me is what you get. I want you to talk so I can listen. Most of all I want you to be happy, (btw has anyone asked you that today? I bet they asked how you are, but I bet they never asked if you are happy). I tell you about me, so you know what you are getting when you stop by to say hello, not because I want my ego stroking, not because I want someone to tell me I do a good job but because I need you as much as you need me.

I am a healing, loving soul reaching out to you in order to serve my purpose. No other agenda. No other desire. No dreams of creating something for me. Just knocking at the door, laying flowers for you to take or not. In the words of Nanny McPhee “when you need me but do not want me I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, I must go.” (and I have no idea why I wrote that but there it is – my thoughts know more than I most days).

I lay these flowers at your door. I step back and wait….

You only have to open the door….







Time to Connect

There are times when I am sitting minding my own business when the voices in my head say “get on with it woman, get writing, it is time to talk”. I hate it when they do that as sometimes it really doesn’t sit with where I am in my day and can be a total inconvenience – but don’t do it and I will regret it later on as my thoughts will have vanished and I will have missed an opportunity to connect.

Connect with who? I have absolutely no idea but someone, somewhere will be reading this and know it is for them. They will know I am stood before them, looking into their eyes, holding their hand and no one else matters – it’s just me and them and a moment in time to connect.

Connection is a bloody powerful beast. When you connect with someone on a deep level – an ethereal level, a level of wisdom, passion, a level of intellect or just a level of peace – you both know it and it can blow you away. Connection is also vital to our survival as a species. I don’t just mean a sexual passing on of genes and life but a very important part of our personal survival and connection to the universe. We need people, even though sometimes we tell ourselves we can do this alone, telling ourselves that we don’t need people in our lives destroying what we have created, disturbing our sense of control and calm or getting in our way – actually, we just need to accept that we need people.

When someone stands before you, beside you or behind you and makes eye contact, takes your hand, or you just feel the energy they are sharing with you, you know you are safe, you know you are not alone and you know that you can conquer anything. It doesn’t have to be physical – this is sometimes just knowing that there is someone in this universe that cares where you are, what you are doing and they wish you well. That is connection.

Connection with another human; in body or in spirit is like giving life to the dead. Knowing you have someone else on this planet who knows you exist is huge. When you don’t have this… there is despair, loneliness, self destruction, lack of self confidence or awareness, hollowness, uncertainty and a loss of purpose.

Imagine. Close your eyes for a second and send away all those in your life you connect with. Put a wall or a deep dark chasm between you and them. You cannot see, hear, or touch them. They have forgotten you exist. You are totally alone. How that thought makes me shiver and sigh and feel cold and unloved and unworthy and damn damn damn sad. But hold that thought and really feel it inside you. This is reality for some….

Now reach out and touch another human. It could be a loved one, a friend, a perfect stranger, but touch them. Feel their skin on your skin. Feel the energy pass from you to them and back again. Feel the warmth. Feel the sunlight. Feel the peace that brings. Feel the connection. Feel the purpose you have been given.

What purpose? Your purpose is to touch another human being. It is to give life to a lost soul. It is to care and feel and love. It is to breathe breath into a shell. It is to add colour. It is to give life where there is none. You may have other purposes but your overall purpose as a human is to connect with another and give them all you have to give – to give them you. In whatever form that takes, however much you feel you can give but there is no denying, you have to give it. It is what you are on this earth for – to give to another human a little bit of you.

If you do one thing today – please just connect. Whether asking for connection or giving a connection – please do it. The world will be a better place if each day we gave to another, even the smallest of touches, compliments, assurance they are loved, smile or acknowledgement that they exist and have a place. Enjoy that connection. Feel that connection. Be that connection.