Naked. Vulnerable. Proud.

When you create a website for your business it is like laying yourself semi naked on the floor and allowing people in to view! I am laying myself right there. This is me. This is who I am. I cannot be anyone else. I will not be anyone else. I am comfortable in my own skin and am proud and blessed to be in a position where I can use what skills I have to heal people. People like you. So here I am. Take a look, judge me, message me, book a session and allow my therapies to take you to a part of you that you had forgotten existed.

It has taken me a long time to create this website – over a year in fact and for no other reason I didn’t know what to say. Who was I? Who was I talking to? Why did they want to listen? What could I tell them? What do I do? Was I ready to expose myself and all I have and all I am?

When you are a service provider you are your brand which means there is no hiding behind a widget that you make or a product that you sell – you are the brand and people buy you. To do that they must know you, so you have to be vulnerable and allow people in. They need to trust you – wow that is a biggie – trust a total stranger when you yourself are at your most vulnerable! They need to believe in something they cannot see, only feel once the treatment is complete. They need to know and understand self love or the ego and guilt trip of taking time for themselves will trip them up every time they try and call to book. They need to know self worth.

That is a huge set of requirements and I have to get that across on what…. a laptop, a mobile, a tablet…. a very personal experience on a very impersonal electronic device. A huge task.

Needless to say I began and stopped – my self worth, my ego, my financial constraints, me, myself, I – they got in the way for a long time and I allowed them to as this was all part of the process, my learning, my growth. I reflected, I listened to others, I learnt new skills and new ways of working, I found mentors and guides and I grew. Then the day came, as if by magic, I knew what I wanted to say and how to say it – I just opened my mind, my heart and imagination and allowed the creativity out. I didn’t think too hard, I didn’t have to – I just knew. I recreated my brand, I had videos created showing what I do, I wrote about who I was and why I do this but more importantly, what I can give to you – my prospective client and I spoke it all from my heart.

Now I lay myself here for you to judge not only me and my services but also your self worth. Do you deserve what I can give? Do you deserve to feel good, happier, lighter, broader, calmer, stronger? Do you deserve the time? Are you worthy? I know I can give you all of that but I have to let you get to know me so let’s begin – message me and let’s take a journey together. I have time, the ability and qualifications and the space. What will you bring to my table?