You are the creator

Life isn’t happening to you it is responding to you. You are the creator of your life story. Make your life a Disney film, a comedy, a love story or an inspirational movie for others, it’s totally your choice but make it!

Everything that happens to you is in response to how you are feeling, actions you take and how you interact with others. If this is a positive experience with love, openly showing emotions and expressing yourself then this is what you will get back. If you give your time to others, they will naturally give time back. If you feel positive, express yourself in a positive manner and think about and plan positive actions that is what you will receive. I don’t need to say the opposite surely, but it’s true.

If you aren’t sure why not put it to the test and consciously think, act, be and give in a way you would like to feel if it was coming to you and see what a difference it makes. You may see how many negative words, phrases, feelings you don’t even realise you use. “I can’t get that because…. I won’t achieve that if…. Don’t do that its….. Please don’t put that…..” Choose your words carefully, don’t tell people what you don’t want, tell them what you do, help them feel good about what they’ve done, even if it isn’t what you wanted or expected and try and turn it into a positive statement rather than a negative one.

What’s the storyboard for this movie, this life you are creator of? Where’s it set, what do you have to put in place to achieve, who do you need to interact with and who may you need to say goodbye to? What do you want this to feel like to yourself and to others? This is your movie, your life, you are script writer, director, actor, cameraman, designer, dresser, makeup artist and sound man and what a movie you can create.

Remember life doesn’t happen to you, it happens because of you. Your actions, words, emotions and how you react to others is what creates your today and your tomorrow. Nobody is forcing you to do anything, it’s a choice and you choose how it pans out. This isn’t always easy and a movie isn’t made overnight but it does always start with a vision, a dream, a burning desire to tell a story. What’s yours?


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