Mountains, boulders or pebbles?

If you are walking in a beautiful country lane and up ahead it’s a bit overgrown do you stop and turn round to go home? If you are out shopping and someone places a small rock or boulder on the pavement do you stop and panic about how you are going to get past? I doubt it on both these questions, so why when life gets a bit messy or we come up against difficult things to get round do we often give up and turn back?

If life was a long straight road with no bumps, blockages, clear of traffic and no distractions at its sides wouldn’t it be fabulous? No distractions, nothing to trip us up, nothing to really get in our way. We may see some oncoming traffic but with having such a clear view it wouldn’t worry us. Life would also be dull, with nothing to look at and nothing to test our senses, stimulate our mind or challenge us. 

Okay so there is a balance needed. If we were constantly dodging traffic, hitting bumps in the road and had that many things happens on the side that we never actually looked where we were going, it would be dangerous. Balance is good!

Sometimes, just sometimes we can see an issue in life and dependent on where we are, how we are feeling, our mindset and character it can be a small pebble, a boulder or a mountain. Pebbles are easy enough to move or kick out the way and it’s effortless. Boulders can take time and effort and can sometimes be so big we have to find a way round them. Mountains we struggle to see past, would have difficulty going round or over and rarely could go through but they are still conquerable if you are determined. 

Deal with them you must. 

You cannot keep turning back every time you reach one. If you reach this obstruction and turn back you are giving up. Giving up on life, dreams, ambition, love, passion and self worth. If it’s a bad day, and we all have them, you may turn back but tomorrow is another day and you can try again. No one ever said you can only attempt the pass once, just don’t go at it the same way or you will reach the same conclusion and fail. It must be viewed with new eyes, a new road map so to speak and you will find a way. If you can’t do it alone ask your passenger, if you don’t have one, stop and ask someone passing by – you don’t always have to travel alone!


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