Always read the small print

How many times do you sign up for something and not read the small print? It’s always this that catches you out isn’t it and causes grief. This could be anything you purchase but what about the things we do rather than buy. Where’s the small print then?

Relationships come with small print too don’t they. Stuff you inadvertently sign up for but may not have wanted or can deal with. What then? What about if you marry and after that they feel like they have become someone you don’t know? What if there is an illness or an accident that is life changing? What if they, for whatever reason, suffer a mental illness? Did you sign up for any of this?

Yes you did because you made a commitment. How you deal with it is the only place you have control. Once you entered this as a relationship you literally signed on the dotted line and whether you like it or not, whether they are now the person you want to be with or not you have to make the best of the situation (unless violence is involved). Even if you end up walking away you must have gone down every avenue first surely?

What if it isn’t about another person, what if this is about you? What if you feel like you’ve signed up for life and no longer like what you ‘purchased’? Blame others and make their life hell? Walk away? Give up? Change it? For me it’s the latter every time. So many times I hear people moaning about their lives but they have usually arrived where they are through choices they made. I know there can be a catalyst to this that may be out  of control and I know people are dealt cards that they don’t deserve, this is ‘own doing’ stuff I’m talking about. Too many times we end up someone in life and rather then looking at poor choices we have made along the way we actually find something or someone else to blame. 

Take responsibility for your life. Pure and simple. Your life is your responsibility. Your past is gone and you can’t do anything there but your future is all about improving from where you are now and deciding what you want to do going forward. Once you know (even if it’s just not wanting to be where you are but you don’t know exact details) you’re going in the right direction. Have faith. Believe you can do it. Understand the choices ahead are yours and yours alone to make. 

Then step forward. Step forward into your future. Don’t ever look back. Learn from what you did in error before and don’t repeat it. Write your own small print and live by it.


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