Lay your hands and bring peace

When I am stressed, upset, needing comfort all I need is the touch of another human being to let me know it’s all okay and life isn’t that tough. To not have another human being make contact must be very, very lonely. I am blessed to have friends around me to bring me peace.When I see one of our older generation alone, lonely, sad, needing help there is an overwhelming desire to talk to them, touch their arm, hold their hand, sit a while and listen. That maybe the only physical contact they have had in a long, long time. A small child who is upset and crying, and yes I know Hesse days it’s probably frowned upon, but these children need a hug. They need to grow up knowing that one human being can provide comfort with a hug and it is our God given duty to provide such comfort when another is in need. 
I am blessed to lay my hands and bring peace to another every single day as a massage therapist and give thanks every day that this gift has been provided to me. Whether it is a body broken down by sport or exercise that needs repair and putting back on the road to recovery to begin again, or a stressed set of muscles that need new life or maybe a person who is just finding life too much and needs to be taken to a place where there is space to let them breathe and let go, it is my gift to them to give. How lucky am I?
I have an energy in me that was created to bring peace to another. Now that may sound airy fairy or a bit weird to some but it’s true, it’s what I do and who I am. We are all, at the end of the day, made up of energy, every scientist will confirm that, but sometimes it gets a bit confused, a bit out of kilter and needs realigning. My joy is that I can lay my hands and do exactly that. Every human being needs and deserves to be the best version of themselves they can be and this is not possible if you are emotionally or physically damaged and out of line. Massage is simply a means to bring the energies within to a level (and this will be different for everyone) to a place of peace.
Remember when you go about your day how important touch can be. Don’t be afraid to touch, to give comfort with a hug, to hold the hand of a loved one. Without touch we are nothing. Without touch we are bereft of emotion and we will never find inner peace.

Risk or opportunities?

At what point do we see a risk as an opportunity? At what point do we say that the size of the risk is worth it? At what point do we get paralysed by risk and make no choices at all? Risk is a very strange creature and we have to accept he is in everything we do in varying degrees. We take risk when we drive our cars, when we go walking in mountains, when we use the carving knife on our Sunday joint, when we put all our money into a business, when we let our children grow and become their own people. It’s there and it’s not going away so we need to work out how we manage it.

I’ve never been a risk taker when risk has been too high. But then again my version of high may vary, it will certainly vary to that of my friends and family and it may vary from day to day dependent on my mood or the circumstances that present themselves that day. In fact there is the chance that give me the same risk on different days, I may well make totally different choices. Suffice to say in my life I’ve never been a huge advocate of risking everything. Until now!

In just six months I have given up my steady, well paid, relatively secure job, started up a business where only in my heart can I be sure it will work and put mine and my families lives as we know them, at risk. I guess when you start to take risks you may as well make it a big one ! 

So why now and what possessed me to take such a big risk? In very simple terms because it’s the right time and because I have never looked at is as a risk just the opportunity of a lifetime to make a difference to my life and that of my children. See when you turn a risk into an opportunity and add your ‘why’ to it, it takes on a whole different image, feeling, sound. 

What would have caused my heart to beat too fast, my temperature to rise, my stomach to knot and the worry to begin no longer has the ability to do this because I believe in me, I believe in my ability to achieve my dreams, I believe this is right for me and mine, I believe to is my destiny and I am wildly passionate about who I am becoming, what I do and where it has the opportunity to go. Yes I may have no money coming in, yes I may be under pressure to conform, yes I may have people looking at me with pity or despair but I say “watch this space because the biggest risk of my life is becoming the biggest joy”. The biggest risk for me now would be to stop and never try.

When I get out of bed without a care or a worry, just a desire to start my day, when I eagerly get dressed for another adventure, when I meet with positive, caring people who make my life a joy, when I get into bed at night and say thank you with love and genuine honesty, that is when I know my risk was the right one to take. My risk was huge but my risk is the opportunity of a lifetime that I’m not prepared to waste.

So I ask you, as I always do, what is your risk level, what’s paralysing you, how can you make your risk an opportunity and are you willing to reach your final day and wish you’d taken the risk that is in your heart right this minute. What have you got to lose? Even if it’s everything, is the risk of not trying to make life better for you or your family worse? Don’t live with regret, or fear just judge whether it’s a real risk or whether you can turn it round to an opportunity then make a choice.

Reflecting forward

It’s a lovely thing looking back, reminiscing, mulling over memories or times gone by. What do most people do with what they see, hear, feel about where they’ve been? Do many people learn and do things differently going forward or do the majority repeat, repeat, repeat, creating patterns which become their past, present and future? I discovered this week that I have been one of the latter which actually was a) quite a surprise, b) an eye opener and c) a huge benefit to move forward. Let me introduce you to Bernard.

Don’t ask me why Bernard, it was a requirement to name this energy, this pattern, this behaviour to be able to release it and me and move forward. One small incident on Monday dragged up a pattern of behaviour I am certainly not proud of but acknowledging it and letting it go (or putting it in the back seat) has just opened a whole new world, a new future and way of being. 

My whole energy came from drama. I was at my best when a crisis occurs. I was a fixer, the superhero who flies in at the last second to save the day. Not a bad job one would think but when that need becomes something you inadvertently create to feel alive its bad.

So let me introduce you to Bernard…. He’s a magnificent energy who has the ability to make me feel alive, he’s fabulous in a crisis, loves the applause and adoration and he’s destructive, he’s dangerous, he’s negative and he’s the me that has to back off. Bernard has the ability to produce highs from nowhere but to do this he creates the lows, the darkest hours, the bleak negativity that makes the highs appear even higher, more exciting and wonderful. He’s destructive. I have spent my life with Bernard from at very least the age of 11 where I learnt the power of the adoration when Bernard is in town and he’s been here on a regular basis and even created my darkest hour. Why? Because in the recesses of my mind visiting the dark place gave rise to a momentous rise back to the top to the applause, the adoration, the “well done haven’t you come a long way”.

Don’t get me wrong he hasn’t taken away the feeling I have of satisfaction, pride, resilience that I have but now I know to tell him to sit in the back seat and hold his tongue because I no longer need the highs and lows, they don’t serve me. I’ve reviewed a great deal of my behaviours to understand Bernard to reflect forward all the good feelings he created and leave him with the drama, the fears, the unnecessary highs and lows. On Monday, after recognising Bernard and seeing him in all his glory and moving him to the back seat I was then stood on solid ground with two feet firmly placed there. I felt grounded, empowered, confident, courageous and most of all at peace. I had told Bernard to get in the back seat, even threatened him with the boot if he didn’t shut up, and I was reborn.

Is Bernard in your life? Is it time to let him go? Are you ready to be free, courageous and standing firm? 

A name, a number or who?

When someone asks me what I do today I give a very different answer to that which I did just four months ago. Why? Because then I was just a label, a title, a name. We all allow ourselves to become a label; so and so’s wife, mother, sister, employee, partner, husband, brother and I say allow for a reason. We allow our identity to be taken, to be given away, to be lost in a sea of lifeless, personless, energy depleted titles. This way we conform. This way we become the norm. This way we become the same.As a society we set expectations on what we do, when we do it, how we do it. We rarely stop to ask why, we infrequently put our heads above the parapet and give ourself a name of our own. It’s easier and in time we forget, we forget who we started out as, we forget the personality, the passion in our hearts, our dreams, what drove us to stand up about things we believed in. We forget to believe in ourselves.

Sometimes, just sometimes we reach a moment where we stop and say “hell I have a name and I want to be called by it and I am a person who deserves to be heard, be seen and be me”. At that very moment life begins again. At that very moment the small, insignificant fire inside your soul bursts into flames so high they can be seen from the heavens. That single statement means you are alive and you will become a better version of you. Why? Because you no longer allow others to dictate and you take back control.

Where are you? Who are you? Do you want to be the person you are destined to be? Are you ready to stand tall, take a chance, be willing to try and possibly fail, be willing to be scared, courageous, doubted, passionate, alive. If it’s yes then come on board and see where life can take you. At least stay with me and make a choice. There are no miracles but there is magic. The magic of listening, talking, watching, encouraging, nurturing, believing and progressing one step at a time. The magic of a caterpillar hiding away in the dark and gradually spreading its wings and saying “hey world look at me, I’ve arrived and my name is freedom, strength, beauty, inspiration and I am taking flight”.

So who am I and what do I do? I am by name Claire. I am by title a holistic therapist. By nature I am a healer. By spirit I am fire, I am passion, I am love, I am laughter and I am a dreamer. I am a portal for another soul to find freedom, find themselves by whatever means is right for them. I’m waiting for you to step forward, that’s all…..

The energy of life

So what is energy? We use the phases ‘they are full of energy’ or ‘I have no energy today’ so what are we describing? It’s appears to be the bounce, the fizz, the very lifeblood of who we are and how we function. When we perceive it’s there we are on a high, when we perceive it’s gone, we fall low.

Energy is with us, it is us, it doesn’t come and go and we can’t lose it. Energy is what we are made of, those atoms we are created of jump, hop, bounce and fizz incessantly each and every day and this is our energy. Now it may wane sometimes and we can pick up on others energy which can be positive or negative but it’s always there and will never go away. I don’t believe that even when we are dead it leaves, I believe there is always a trace of who we are and that’s the energy we created.

Being a massage therapist I work with energy all the time and much of the time I find it’s stuck. Yes that is possible. It may be that some injury is physically blocking the flow or the mind is holding it all back or creating road bumps. My purpose is to work with this energy and get it flowing again. 

Think about it, you are tired, you have a headache, you have sore shoulders and do not feel at your best on the energy front. Someone lays their hands on you, massages the muscles to take away the stiffness, allows you to relax and let your thoughts go; you have space, you have time, you are relaxed. Suddenly you feel the energy to get up and get on with life again so it must have come back to you? No it never left, it’s simply flowing again. Blockages are released, you’ve had space to just be and the energy is allowed to flow again. As a therapist there is noting more humbling than seeing someone leave looking lighter, happier, relaxed and breathing again. We hold so much stress in ourselves that I wonder whether some people ever know what relaxed feels like. 

If you are willing to stay and follow this journey we will look at life, it’s issues, the resolutions we can create and make ourselves better versions of us. Fancy the journey with me?