There came a time when my body told me eating meat was no longer an option. I was suddenly conscious of an overwhelming desire to protect the people, the animals and the nature around me. I was being asked to be conscious of my footprint on the sacred earth and all of life and to commit to the healing path. There was no need for a discussion or even much thought to be honest, it was just the right thing to be doing. Stopping eating meat was simply the first step of many.

I am not someone to shout from the rooftops or to tell everyone else they have to become vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian etc, that is a personal choice and I have no right to dictate to anyone else what they do, say or think. But I do try to live my life by example and if someone else wishes to join me then I welcome them with open arms.

I tried to become a vegan, but I struggled with losing everything I loved and I wasn’t really committed to the full vegan reasoning. Maybe one day I will try again but for now I am pescatarian and happy with that. This is about my body as much as the destruction of the earth and I have to start somewhere; I cannot save the earth and all on it by myself, I am too small for that; but I can live the best way I can and take small steps. Just think what progress we would make in the world if every person did that. As individuals we cannot make great change, but as a collective…. wow what opportunities there are.

It has to start with me. “Selfish” I hear some cry, “what about the animals and environmental impact of what you are doing”… I hear you but if I don’t commit to changing my ways, and taking care of my body in a way that doesn’t impact the world too much, there is no hope for my commitment to the planet is there…

I have begun looking after this sacred earth with what I put inside me to keep me healthy and to play a small part in the destruction of the animals we have around us, but what else? I have taken a holistic approach to this (as is my business ethos too), in that it has become over time, a lifestyle choice. Maybe that phrase sounds a bit woo woo or pompous but it is what it says; I have made a choice to eat differently, think differently, live more consciously in what I do, say, and how I behave or interact with people, animals and the land. I began to write that it is sometimes really hard to live this way but as I began to type the words I realise that I actually don’t find it hard at all because it is now, simply who I am and how I live. There is no longer a need to ‘think’ about it, I simply ‘do’ it,

So apart from eating healthier; no meat, fresh food at all times, no additives, no pesticides, what is this lifestyle of mine? How about we start with the thoughts I have. We all know that thoughts become words, which become action so if you spend time focussing on how you think and what you think, the rest should take care of itself. For example, if I get up and think what a bad day I have ahead, because it is busy or at the opposite end, I have nothing to fill my time with and I think how lonely I am or would like to be somewhere else with someone else doing different things, the knock-on effect to my words is a natural action. If someone then asks me about my day, I can guarantee that the words will follow the train of thought I woke with. My body language will become dense, slow, and laboured, my head will drop and there will be very little smiling. 

Reversing the thoughts in the morning as I wake and I quickly think through what I am grateful for (waking is usually the first one), and even if not a great day ahead I think about how I can make it the best it can be. As I begin to move around and communicate with the world my words are much more positive, forward thinking and encouraging to those who began their day differently to mine. You already know the next bit but my face looks and feels brighter, there is a spring in my step, I can smile at those around me and I genuinely feel bolder, more confident and happier within my body.

I am consciously taking each day one at a time and ensuring that my mind, body and energy is as good as I can make it. Again, this has become such a part of how I begin my day after much practice and much failing, that I no longer see it as anything other than me. It is who I am, no force, no effort, no stress.

This is a long, sometimes almost impossible process to learn, especially if you are in a dark place but the place I began was as black as night therefore I can assure you it is possible if you really want to make changes to your life or your world – whatever you want to change about your life it always begins with you so unless you are prepared to do some difficult soul searching and a huge amount of constant hard work then maybe you are not ready…. Yet! You are not looking to be a new human overnight, this becomes a lifestyle so it is a life-long commitment but a little improvement to your thoughts or words or actions and you will find suddenly you are a huge way from where you used to be. Do not try this as a week-long exercise or you are setting yourself up to fail.

The rest, the change in how I live, where I live, what I do each day; they all began with deciding how I think about me, my life, the other humans I interact with, what I wanted from it all for the remainder of my time on earth. So much is different to where I began and for that I am eternally grateful and I will go into more detail as time passes so you can see what is possible but for now, why not sit in front of a mirror and see what you see, decide what you don’t like if that is where you are right now, but try to see what is good in you, what works, what is beautiful – you may not perhaps see that in yourself but it will be there so keep looking, never give up on yourself – as the advert says “you’re worth it”.

I am extremely conscious of my footprint on the sacred earth and I hope that others can see the good, the caring, the healing ones and walk in them. If we have to pause a while and heal together, I am up for that too. Eventually the footprints others make will be conscious ones too and that will be the most precious gift we as a collective human race, give to ourselves, our animals that roam the earth with us and Mother Earth itself. 

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