Invading Natures Space

Side swiped I was. Side swiped. They hit me and left before I could even take stock of what had happened. Next thing I knew, another of this constant tirade of abusers was seemingly diverting themselves, simply to aim at me. No, I wasn’t on the motorway or any of our congested road network, I was taking a walk. I was side swiped by a butterfly and swallowed an inordinate amount of midges and flies, never mind the ones inserting themselves into my nasal passages!

How I asked myself can there be all this beautiful, spacious countryside and they still bump and crash into me? Simple, I am invading natures space; they are not in my way – I am in theirs.

I am blessed to live in the most stunning part of the world, surrounded by green fields with copious amounts of fresh air and mothers natures miracles. As I went on my daily walk I realised that we humans take these spaces for granted, we expect to have green luscious fields and trees and maybe don’t think what our world would look like without (not that we would exist).

We don’t question the flowers that grow, we sometimes don’t even acknowledge that the new growth has appeared. We take trees away to create homes and we scrape away our fields and hedgerows so we can have new roads and shopping centres. This has to stop before we have nothing left.

Mother Nature got here first. We live in her universe, she and all her creatures do not live in ours; nor did we ask permission, we just decided that we are greater, more needy, more worthy and destroyed what she began. We must change to save what we have. We must change to extend the life of this planet and therefore our own existence. As much as we would like to believe we are in charge, without nature we are and we have, nothing.

No matter what small part you can play, play it. Play it like the first violinist in the orchestra, with Mother Nature as the conductor and the people around you as your music. Play from your soul, breathe with flow, lead with pride and courage, immerse yourself in the tune you are playing and involve everyone in your passion for the sound you make. Play your part well and from your heart and leave everyone breathless with the beauty.

Next time you are out in this beautiful world, try and remember that you are in nature’s world and treat it with the respect you would expect when you invite someone into your home.





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