Version 2.0

To breathe, a breath, is the very beginning of you. When you and I came into the world the very first thing we did was take a breath and yet as we age and allow life to get complicated and take over, we forget that very simple beginning. When you do stop, take in that air from the universe around you and breathe out all that you have been holding in, it’s the most magical, transforming breath you have ever taken since the very beginning of your life; this life you have before you. A rebirth? A new lease of life? A new beginning. For me it’s Version 2.0.

When I realised my life was going oh so very wrong, to be shown that stopping, reflecting and then taking a breath would be my life saver was a momentous occasion and now it’s time to pay that forward.

What I do really is not magical, it’s certainly not clever or rocket science. It is simply taking someone like you by the hand to slow you down, standing back to give you the space you need and then, in time with yours, taking a breath. If you are ready, if you are willing, if you can open your mind and your heart to the fact that life doesn’t have to stay the same when you give yourself the gift of choice. We will breathe like never before. The universe will fill our lungs that have been tight and constricted; the universe will give life to the deepest, darkest spaces and light will appear.

No this isn’t some hippie, out there sh*t – this is back to basics, back to the dawn of your first day and re-teaching you to do what came naturally at that first moment you came into the world. This is enabling you to begin again.

I’m living my Version 2.0 life and in fact have probably installed upgrades often to fix bugs and errors many times since but the version I am is now so far removed from 1.0 it’s almost feeling like a total reboot. Almost but quite a total reboot as I have carried with me learning and traits that serve me and therefore serve those around me. I don’t have a manual, I don’t have a set of instructions, this version upgrade is all about you and we begin from where you currently are and what fabulous basics you already hold inside you.

So what am I offering? My time, my space, my conviction that everyone can breathe a new breath if they choose to and my faith that every person out there struggling with the bugs and irritants in their current version deserves, is worthy of and can be anything they choose to be. Need an upgrade?




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