Words Create Pictures

A beautiful post this morning made me realise how we can create the perfect picture in our minds. “Rest your soul next to mine. Know that you are enough, just being you… Let’s sit and rest while together on our journey.”  These words create a picture in mind that are so powerful I can not only see it in my minds eye, I can feel it deep inside and smell the surroundings and the world around me.

I’m not going to share the picture it creates as its very personal and it may distort what you see when you read those words but trust me this is a beautiful place and the silence and soul sharing is beyond anything I could ever have wished for and yet it became my reality.

How often we see pictures on our tv screens creating images of people and countries that we know nothing about and how that causes us to create a picture about who they are, how they live and what impact they have on our world. Little of this is positive, little of this is showing all the generous, kind, loving people in the world. We are shown violence, sadness, aggression, humanity at its very worst, creating pictures in our heads of a world (other than our own obviously) who are out to cause harm, pain, and destroy the world and the people we love.

I know this is true for a minority but I have to ask why we aren’t shown the good, the caring, the generosity, the lovers, the children, the laughter, the peacemakers? Why? Because that is not what those who rule want us to think, believe or feel and the media certainly don’t seem to think they can make money from good. I’m not normally passionate about the government and how we are fed what we are expected to think but I genuinely feel this is becoming more and more prevalent and how our world as a whole is being fed. Their words create pictures and we see what we are fed. Their pictures create emotions and we feel what they want us to feel. That is not what words should be for.

Words are tools to create inspiration. Words are tools to create authenticity and fact. Words are tools to create truth and allow the human race to draw its own conclusions. Words can be manipulative, words can be cruel, words can bring out many negative aspects of the human persona but this is not how words should be used. I take you back to the quotation I began with, “Rest your soul next to mine. Know that you are enough, just being you… Let’s sit and rest while together on our journey.”  Those words for me bring a sense of peace, they bring caring, love, support, nurturing and they bring my soul to rest and for that I am grateful as I begin my day.

I don’t interact with the news very often as it creates pictures in my head of an evil, harsh and dangerous world that I don’t wish to be part of. No I am not so naïve that I don’t think there are places and people like this, but I know we still have a world that is mostly filled with good, kind and generous people who want only a place to live and bring up their families in a peaceful society. This is the world I live in and this is where I will stay, trying to share what I have in my heart as I sit with those who choose to sit alongside me.

I wish you well today, I wish you good health and happiness and I wish all souls well. I cannot impact the world by myself but if I live my life this way maybe, just maybe, the ripple effect of my words will begin to create pictures for the whole world to see.







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