To let go to begin

Today is the first day of a whole new chapter in my life. Unofficially its been going on a few weeks now but today, the start of a new month, the gathering of like minded souls, the official start….. that is today.

Beginnings…. hmm to get to the beginning you have to have come from somewhere and to arrive you must have let go of where you were and to begin you must take a step forward. Easy said I hear you say; that alone is difficult, time consuming and can make you feel like an emotional train wreck. Well yes I have to agree but surely all those so called obstacles are just part of learning, experiencing, feeling, moving, preparing, growing, believing, doing?

We continually do all of this but sometimes it is all far bigger and emotionally and physically consuming that usual but for me looking back, that is the fun of it. To see where I was, who I was and now where I am and who I am is the most exciting, inspiring, pat myself on the back feelings ever. I did it. I fell. I faltered. I tripped. I limped along. I began to get stronger, steadier, braver and from crawling to walking to jogging to hop, skip and jumping I have arrived at the start line. Fire that starting gun because I AM HERE, I AM MORE, I AM FABULOUS, I AM UNCONQUERABLE, I AM LIVING MY DREAM.

I am quite simply the happiest, most content, peaceful and optimistic I have ever been but above all that I AM ME. No more do I wear a mask. No more do I hide myself away. No more do I apologise for who I am, what I think or more importantly, what others think of me. I don’t shy away from how I live or care about how much I have. I have enough. I am enough.

Every day I learn something new because I am continually meeting like minded souls who want to be more than who they have allowed themselves to become. I am thriving on giving what I have learnt from my own story. I am peaceful because I know this is right, I know I have found home, I know I have more to give and that is where this becomes ever more exciting. This journey, this story, this cycle of life – it doesn’t matter what you call it – it continues and it continues like a stone rolling down a hill, gathering speed, gathering momentum, gathering energy.

Oh gosh she’s sounding evangelical…. actually that is a possibility but again it’s how I feel and won’t apologise for exuding happiness and excitement. I believe in who I am and what I am doing. For the first time I truly believe but beware, I am contagious, so if you don’t want to catch this love for life then step aside and let me through. If you have the desire to catch something that fills you up, makes you glow, inspires you to keep going especially when things are tough, helps you help others and costs nothing but your time and effort then welcome in.

To let go is to begin and in letting go and being present in where I am and what I am doing right now is allowing me to take that ever important step to move forward. Today is August 1st 2017 and the next chapter in my story begins here. I invite you to turn the page and if you like jump in and travel with me through this emotional, physical, spiritual, mental, energetic story I call life. Chapter one…. I Am….






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