People. People who need people 

We can all have our moments of feeling independent. We can all have times when we don’t want others around us and just need to be alone. We can also have times when we just need another’s company, communication, touch, words and when that doesn’t happen it’s a hard road to walk. 

How many times have you forgotten to talk? How many times have you forgotten to ask someone how their day has gone or if they are feeling okay? How many times have you thought I’ll call them tomorrow and suddenly tomorrow is weeks or months or years? We move so fast, live such busy lives that sometimes it’s easy to forget time has passed. 

People need people. No matter how many times or ways we say we don’t to ensure others understand our independence or focus, we need human contact. 

Imagine if you will, a world without words. Imagine silence all the time. Imagine no eye contact or touch. Imagine life without hello how are you. Imagine a world where we are so wrapped in ourselves that we no longer care how others are getting on. I don’t want to live in this world. 

I’m a great advocate of just saying hello. You never know where hello leads. Sometimes nowhere. Sometimes to relationships you wish you’d never started. Sometimes to the most glorious conversations and sometimes to the most important other human in your world. Hello how are you costs nothing but can have riches beyond imagination. 

Reach out. Touch another’s life with your hello. You can only be more and never less for making the first move. Pride, anger, self indulgence or pity; these are never reasons for stopping hello. Will you regret not speaking to a certain person ever again? Then say hello. 

People need people (Barbara Streisand sang that loud and true). You can’t make someone say it back but if you don’t try you will never know their response. Loved ones, old friends or perfect strangers who could become the most important person in your life… life with them begins at hello. 


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