Step into your fear to find your dream

🎼Tell the devil that he can go back from where he came. His fiery arrows drew their beat in vain. And when the hardest part is over we’ll be here. And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears.🎼

These song words resonated loud and clear as I travelled back home after an absolutely epic week where I found me, I found home and I fell in love; in love with me, with all I am, with all I have, with life itself. I look like a giddy 16 year old, free from worry, free from the stresses of life, free from all that has kept me down for so long, yes she, that ego of mine. 

How did this come about then? Surely it’s not an easy process, it’s not magic, it’s not a miracle, it’s not some highbrow business tool. No, it’s belief, it’s realisation that I control my life and no one else and it’s loving myself for what I’ve achieved, how far I’ve come and being grateful for all that held me back for so long, just so I could learn from it all. 

My dreams have become my reality at long last. My dreams are now palpable. My dreams are no longer dreams as they have become my present moment, my now. I stepped into and then through the fear and there they were. The devil, more commonly known as my ego, who has stood in my way for so long has been sent back to where she began and is no longer free to roam and cause havoc. Yes she occasionally shouts quite loud and yes I tend to shout back but she’s caged and I have the only key. 

Your dreams are always alive and waiting but you have to step into your fear to make them a reality. It may be change, it may be facing others opinions, it may be new, it may be letting go but it’s holding you back from where your heart says you should be. You can do this if you take a deep breath and step forward. Fear is only in your head. Fear is only your ego telling you all the reasons you shouldn’t step forward and why you should stay where you are or where you have been. 

Are you willing to risk losing your ego’s approval and following your heart instead? It’s a risk but personally it was the worth the small amount of uncomfortable to be in the place I’m in right now. 


One Reply to “Step into your fear to find your dream”

  1. Great post! I too am going through some big life changes. I have made the first step now I just need to keep moving forward. I always have that ego fear voice hanging over my shoulder and it is still holding me back in some ways but at least I am aware of it and willing to see things differently. Congrats on stepping into your new chapter!
    Amy x


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