Silent speaking 

I don’t say a lot (although some of my friends may beg to differ) but I listen and I feel. 

I feel your pain, your love, anger and jealousy. I feel you strength, your beauty, your joy and your frustrations. I see inside, deep inside and I know what is trapped, desperate to escape the prison walls of your ego, pride and socially induced thoughts. 

I feel through touch, my skin against yours. My hands listen to what your unconscious mind verbalises through that layer that traps emotions, feelings, thoughts and brings them out and up through me to the universe. 

When you cry inside I feel your pain. When your have joy that you won’t allow to escape I set it free. When you hide in your own head I sit awhile with you in silence. I am your voice. I am your prayers. I am your entrance to the ears of the universe. 

Your energy is one with mine and all other living beings around us but we have to be able to set it free. All those negative or sad or bereft feelings you contain, locked deep in boxes, some never wanting to revisited and opened but open them you must. Only then, when these are empty can they be filled with infinitely more beautful feelings and emotions. Only then can they be filled with what you need for yourself and for others, indeed for all of humanity. Love. Love is the biggest most beautiful energy you can ever experience and it begins with you. 

“Let there be love shared amongst us. Let there be joy in our hearts….. Let there be love.”


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