One step forward

As we are born, we are born helpless and yet with love and teaching we grow, we develop and we become more and more independent. We learn to eat, to talk to walk. Remember that first step you saw your child take? Remember the emotion it inflamed in your heart? Pride. Happiness. Joy. Fear. Love. Unconditional love. 

Turn this on yourself. When you take a step in life what emotions does it bring? Do you even notice taking them or is it all just ‘what you do’. Have you forgotten how awesome it is to be able to walk? Do you feel your foot on the surface of this earth beneath your feet? Can you feel how your foot moves? Can you feel the pressure, the touch, the surface? 

And how often I wonder, do you take a step back and stop to look at what you have and where you are. I wonder if when you step back you are looking behind and wishing you were back there instead. I wonder if you actually stop and see where you are right now. 

Life is uncertain, uncomfortable even sometimes. Life can be hard. Life can be sad. Life can be all these and more and yet when you decide to step up and step forward it feels a good place to be and the bigger the step the further you travel. The more certain the step the faster you move. The lighter the step the more you enjoy. 


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