A voyage of discovery 

Finding yourself. How many times in our lives do we take the opportunity to do this? When do we step away from life to simply look inside? How is it possible to change your life if you don’t look at where you are and where you’re going?

To stop and be still is essential to being. To listen to your own silence is part of the journey. To go inside your body and seek out all you need to be is vital, enlightening, courageous and transforming. 

Can you imagine, if you look at your own life, can you imagine yourself as a sunflower in amongst a field of others. Close your eyes and see it. Green, closed, reaching up to find your space in line with others. Tall and straight, trying hard to search for the warmth of the sun to give you life. Then there she is. Warm, bright, life giving, life changing. 

You stand before her and show yourself for the first time. Your roots planted securely in the ground. Your head lifted high. She sends her warm rays, her love, her food of life down upon you and you begin slowly to change. Given time, given warmth and nourishment, given time and space to just grow you begin and the old you is left behind. 

When you can stand side by side with your fellow humans, strong and true, bright and proud, with love shining from you from deep inside you are a beacon of light, of sunshine for others and they will come. They will see you and want to stand and be alongside you. They will want to grow and find their space, their sunshine and become strong and tall and true. Teach them, love them, grow them and what a world we will create. 


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