On the edge

Stood on the edge. Ahead I can see for miles and miles but no definition or detail of what’s there, just colour and shapes and a sense of peace. Below my feet is solid ground but just one step and I step into a space I cannot define, cannot see, just feel. I have faith that tells me it’s safe so here we go….

With one single bag containing nothing more than things; things I’m not sure I need but they are identity, a little bit of home and necessities (we all need a toothbrush and a hint of mascara). Mind you I don’t think this adventure calls for anything but me and my belief that out there in this awesome universe is a space for me and it can be filled with all sorts of wonders if I just allow it in. 

We hold onto much in life like a huge security blanket. Things we think keep us safe, happy and at peace. These feelings aren’t found in things. We hold onto people who we think are who we need to make us whole and happy. Happiness is being comfortable in your own skin and knowing yourself. We hold onto places thinking that anywhere else is dangerous as it’s not home. Home is inside you so you carry it with you. It’s time to let go and explore. Explore the world, explore a culture other than mine and explore me and find out who I am and what I am capable of. 

I am…. anything and anyone I choose to be

I am…. whole

I am…. enough

I wonder what you would put after ‘I am’? If you’re willing to share with me I’d love to know. 


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