Heading into silence 

Have you ever experienced true silence? 

It’s really hard to find the time? It’s really hard to find a place? It’s really hard to do? It’s really hard to believe this can be anything useful?  To experience silence you have to stop. You have to listen. You have to keep trying to find it. You have to believe it’s worthwhile. 

When you find your way into true silence it can be the most powerful experience. It’s loud. It’s thought provoking. It helps you find your thoughts. It helps you find time and peace within it. It helps you find the strength and the belief in yourself that you can do, achieve, succeed in anything.

This morning, after many weeks of being unable to focus in my meditation, unable to quieten my thoughts long enough to focus, unable to hear myself think as there was so much in my head, this morning I found silence and it was beautiful.  It took me a while and a few attempts to focus and follow my own breath and it took a great deal of concentration on that breath to shut out the noise within my head and from the outside world but once I was there it was beautiful.

I was heading for the second migraine of the week, I was tired, I was emotionally bereft before I began. In twenty minutes I felt refreshed, my head was clearing and I felt strong enough to take back control of my day. All by persevering, believing, focussing and taking time to go inside and listen to my body, my thoughts, my own silence. That moment you hear your own intake of breath, your heartbeat, the air filling every space in your lungs. That feeling of the air gathering up all the negativity, stress, darkness and your body expelling it out and away and bringing in white light, cleanliness, positivity and peace. That is silence.

“Do this every day and your life will change”. Do you know I think it will. I am going to take the rest of this month doing just that, getting back into a routine, a pattern, taking time to stop and breathe and see what a difference it makes. I love a challenge and I think I’ve just been thrown one. How different? Well I guess that depends on me. I plan to take note now of how I feel, think, emotional aspects I want to experience or change, things I want to achieve, feel, do, things I want to come in and go out of my life and then revisit this at the end of the month. How much can I do? I guess that’s up to me too. I will say what I want and what I hope to gain and then compare my now to my then.

If you feel you want to do this too message me – why not do this together? Lifes easier with support sometimes and who knows where the adventure could take us…..


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