She stepped to the edge

And she stood at the edge, took a breath and stepped into the unknown. Faith, trust, excitement and freedom. She doesn’t question, she simply believes the best is yet to come. When life throws her an opportunity she grabs it, runs free, runs wild and simply says thank you.  

There are chances given that you know you will always wonder about if you do not see them through. There are times when you have to decide if the opportunity of what might be, outweighs the unknown. There are moments where everyone else questions what you are doing or worries that you are stepping into something that you cannot control, not understanding that the lack of it (control) is what lights the fire in your soul. 

Step forward into the light. Step into your dreams. Step away from what holds you. Step away from your darkness into your light and shine.

If it feels good, do it. If it excites you, it’s meant to be. If it scares you, it will make you feel alive. If it challenges you, you will grow. If it succeeds you will be happy. If it doesn’t? So what, you have given it a go and learnt something new. 
Talk to new people, try new things, speak up about your desires and dreams, step forward and tell people what you really want from life. You never know who’s listening. Maybe just the universe, but be aware she’s pretty good at laying before you what you desire, if only you are brave enough to ask. Are you?


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