A little piece of paper

A few years ago I was handed a piece of paper by a complete stranger and today someone reminded me how important a little piece of paper can be. On this paper was a phone number and a name. It saved my life.

Being dramatic? No. It really did save my life. At that stage I was at my lowest and someone, someone I had never seen before gave me a lifeline. She became one of the most important people in my life and now I get to repay her gift to another who needs it every single day. All from a little piece of paper. Never underestimate a single act of kindness or gesture. To you it may just be a look, a touch, the tone of your voice, a simple hello but to someone else it can be all they need to begin again, find themselves and save another.

When you give to another person something happens that is unseen, unwritten and yet can travel miles. Imagine if you will a beautiful lake, still in the setting sun, lit by an orange glow, silence so loud and the tiniest of insects flying silently above you. This tiny bug dips to the water and even though it is small, insignificant and seemingly too light to make an impact as it glances the waters surface it creates a ripple. Small, insignificant and almost invisible, yet this ripple becomes another, and another, and another and can eventually go as far as the other side of the pond.

Small and seemingly insignificant. That bug had nothing really to offer and yet its action could be felt, what to the size of a bug, was miles away. Imagine the impact you could have with one small, seemingly insignificant gesture, comment, glance or touch on another human being!

When I held that paper in my hand I had no idea what she saw in me. I found out many months later that I had looked lost, sad and empty and she knew that all she had was her time and space and silence. Meditation. She taught me to go inside and breathe. She taught me to go inside and learn to love who I found there. She taught me to be. She gave me all she had, her ripple in my ocean. Her ripple, I hope, has created many others from me and from me to another and from them to another. Just one act of random kindness, an observation of another’s need for support and love and look what you can do.

Would you deny someone because you didn’t know them? Would you deny another your word? Could you deny a human being in need your shoulder to cry on or your arms to hold them tight when they needed it most? Should you get over yourself and say hi to a stranger? Do you deny someone close to you as you aren’t sure if you should “interfere” or don’t know what to say.

Say nothing….. pass them a piece of paper.





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