The Shift

🎶If we are strong enough to let it go…. If I look back to the start I see everything new…. We wait too long and now we have to go…. I don’t know why we break so hard🎶. I was about to write something else but these words are playing behind me so let’s begin here as its as good a place as any.

I have discovered that when you are prepared to face the past and “let it go” / put closure on unfinished business, it creates a sublime shift in your energy and is most refreshing as it clears your vision and feels like laying a new path that you can step onto with confidence and clarity in knowledge and vision. It’s a huge confidence boost to know what you are doing is the right thing for you and, even though there are going to be some awkward and painful decisions, you can make them in the knowledge that it is right and all involved are going to be okay and safe.

What on earth is she going on about today? Isn’t this all a bit airy fairy and hippie speak? No. This is facing reality, putting closure on beliefs and decisions made in the past to allow you to move onto the future with a new level of energy and fire. I spoke recently of forgiving yourself and this is all part of the same shift.

We are all created by and from energy. The art of making love and creating another human being is energy at its best and no matter what, we are all created the same way and all share this commonality. We are energy and energy can get tired, stuck, out of kilter or sluggish and we need to decide how to deal with it when this arises. I wonder if you even notice your own energy? I wonder if you put it down to feeling rough or poorly or out of sorts – this is your energy my friends – listen to it carefully.

I have a past, as we all do, and have found situations and decisions I made long ago still impact into my life. Unknowingly, unwittingly I was holding on, unable to let go, needing to find an ending. I found it. Unknowingly, unwittingly I needed to go full circle and find things that didn’t quite complete themselves before because of decisions I made. I found them. In finding them and in an instant, the world, my world, had an energy shift and moved me on.

I feel like I have been picked up in a tornado and all of the emotions, memories and feelings have been stripped clean, realigned and handed back to me and I have been planted gently back in the arms of Mother Earth but in a place I haven’t been before or at very least, one I haven’t been aware of. I must say I like it here. I feel free, refreshed, courageous and ready for the next opportunity laid before me.

To let go is divine. To give yourself closure is huge. To experience a shift in your behaviour, lifestyle, mental processes or physicality you must be willing to let go and believe all will be okay. I wonder is you are aware of your own energy. I wonder if you are ready for change. I know you will experience something pretty powerful if you let go of what you keep holding you back, even just a little….. let it go!


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