And she was home…

An ending and a beginning. I reached this in my ‘Rediscovered Life’ blog and I feel like I am here again. Much has been happening lately and I feel that this is a turning point, or rather the need to change is here again.

I will try and put my experience this last few weeks into words…

I was taken poorly and had time to sit and begin to evaluate where I was in life, in business, inside. Unbeknown to me, I had just begun a short but beautiful journey into my final leg home, a place I have been searching for, for quite some time now. I breathed in and I looked inward and that is all it took to begin. Now I’m home life is for living to its fullest, to its best, for the rest of time. There is no going back as there is no back to go to. 

Energy, as I’ve mentioned before, is what we are and once I looked inward, realised what my energy looked like and needed I could begin. I took advice, medical and spiritual. I took healing from those I trusted. I spoke up when I needed help. I asked questions I needed answers to and therein was the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle. I knew I needed closure on things in my long and distant past. I had fretted, wondered and decided the truth but I had never asked those who could actually provide it before. Once asked, once answered, the last jigsaw piece clunked into place and there I was. Renewed. Revitalised. At peace. Excited for life. 

This was physically exhausting so then came taking care of me. I had to choose the person who I connected with, who my higher self spoke to so easily. With them came a moment in time where I saw things I cannot describe on here as I’m not sure you would believe me but I heard a simple, single statement (spoken by many voices) and it said “she’s here”. Yes I am. 

I am here. I am free. I am at peace. I am enough. I am home. 

So where now? Wherever I want to go. Whomever I want to share it with. Life is mine and I plan to sieze every moment and make it count. It’s for my children, for my loved ones, for those who choose me and I them as friends. It’s no longer about me, it’s about living life and living it well.

To you I wish you peace. I wish you dreams that come true. I wish you courage to change; to choose what makes you happy; moments that catch your breath and make your world beautiful and I wish you all you wish for yourself. I give you my heart, my blessings, my love. 


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