For ladies of a certain age

Ladies this is specifically directed at you (although gentlemen you are welcome to stay as you may learn something about the woman in your life…) as today I became a woman again and I want to share it with you.

Are you struggling with what to wear these days and careful to not go too short, too young or too old? Have you forgotten how to wear makeup or perhaps you are still wearing it as you did in 1984? Has your body changed beyond recognition and you no longer know what shape, size or colour to wear to feel good? Have you forgotten what it feels like to be a woman and not a mum, wife, partner, girlfriend, cook, cleaner or lover? If you said yes to any of these then know there is hope.

Over the last six years I have had to learn how to do all of this and thought I was doing okay but one bout of being seriously poorly and having an op, not being able to do much, feeling like my body was no longer mine, my skin tired and dry and I was looking and more importantly feeling very old, well my full 52 years anyway. This had to stop but how?

Gentlemen if you are still reading please look away or at least don’t blush… 

The answer was given to me with the opportunity to undertake a photo shoot. Not just any shoot but a burlesque session. If you don’t know what this is I suggest you get onto Google. I was greeted with champagne which was a fabulous calmer of the nerves that were already rushing round my system. Sitting in front of a lit mirror having my sultry makeup done, false lashes attached and drop dead lippy applied, I was beginning to wonder what the hell I thought this was going to achieve as I was beginning to see a nervous rash appear on my neck. Was I mad?

And then this was it, I was in a room wearing less than I had worn with a perfect stranger in a while! Lights, camera, action! That moment I thought I would freeze but I suddenly felt totally empowered, comfortable in my own skin with a smile on my face and I heard myself laughing. Within minutes I was posing like a super model (move over Christie Brinkly), strutting my stuff and having just the best time. For two hours I posed, changed outfits, posed again, pouted, smiled, found my inner sultry and genuinely had the best time.

Why am I sharing this? Because I went to have my photo taken but came away having found my inner woman and right now, at this time of my life, I needed this. I had forgotten what made me feel good about myself; how to feel confident; how to be comfortable with publicly celebrating every curve, wobbly bit, lump, bump, scar and blemish that makes me me! I am all woman. I am strong. I am confident. I am empowered to be who I was born to be. I feel liberated. I feel comfortable with who I am. I am an amazing mix of goddess, child, empath, woman, mum, daughter, sister and I am so proud of what I did today . 

I allowed myself to be scared and I was secure. I allowed myself to be uncomfortable and I survived. I allowed myself to trust a perfect stranger and I was safe. That, I think you will understand, is huge to a middle aged woman. If you know that somewhere deep inside there is someone you once were, or who you’d love to be, then are you ready to let her out? Life is moving too fast to leave this to a time when you are comfortable with you as you never will be until you push yourself. Now is your time.


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