Life from a death sentence?

Today I watched a show that talked to people who had been told they were dying. No not depressing at all! It left me with a question in my head though. Why do most people wait to be given a timeframe like this before they actually begin to live?

Each of these marvellously courageous human beings took their time left as a positive and decided to live every minute of what time they had left and they were truly inspirational. They took the news as devastating as it was, by the balls (no, no apologies for that reference) and said f**k you (and no, no apologies as that’s a direct quote). They were not going to allow these diseases, these creeping, invasive creatures to take away their  lives, happiness or desire to achieve.

If we all had the date we were to leave this earth would we live differently?

These people looked at their loved ones with new eyes. They noticed their beauty, their hands, their eyes, their laughter and they really saw the world around them and smelt the air, heard birdsong louder than ever before and touched every moment and person not as if it was the last time but as if it were the first. 

For some of us this really would be the first time we saw and experienced our world because we go round with our senses closed off to everything we interact with. On your drive to work when was the last time you noticed what is beyond the grey tarmac, how many trees do you go past, what sounds do you hear outside of the traffic, what smells rising above the fumes? When you are having dinner with your family do you sit at the table and talk through your days, your emotions, your dreams or do you sit watching the tv, interacting with others on your mobile, do you even share mealtimes? 

We waste so much living by doing instead of being.

If you had six months from now, how would you spend it I wonder? I’m not giving you super powers or extra cash, you have your current way of life and six months, that’s it. What are you going to change if anything? Who will you become? What will you do differently each day? 

When will you realise what life and living really means? Time suddenly becomes so very precious when you know how much you have. 


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