Your scars are your blessing

Some of you may know that I have been in for an emergency op and have now been left with three small scars. Now whilst these are on my stomach and this part of my body is not something I get out very often, I love my scars and I am very proud to have them. They are blemishes yes and not exactly pretty but I love them. How can we possibly love something as ugly as a scar, a wound, a reminder that we have been broken at some point.

Broken. There it is. That word we use about so many things in ourselves and other people. People not perfect, whether in shape or size or mental acuity, whether in lifestyle or habits or beliefs. People not perfect in our own eyes are broken. What do we do in this modern society these days with things that are broken? We bin them, cast them aside, throw them away and get a newer version! You cannot do that with people, although many wish they could. We cannot do that with our bodies even though we think sometimes we should.

My scars are small but each time I look at them I see a time where I was arrogant enough to think I could beat stress. A time where I thought I was invincible. A time where I didn’t need advice and I didn’t need to look after me as well as people said I did. A time when my ego shouted louder than me and said I was better than anyone else and didn’t need to take care. They remind me, quite simply, that I am human. I am not perfect and I need to love myself more so I am around to love those who need the love I have to give.

Human. Frail? Weak? Imperfect? No. No. No. No. To be human is a gift. To be human, with all our imperfections is in itself to be perfect. To be human is to admit our frailties, show our scars, our memories of times we were reminded we are human. To be human is the most amazing things you can be. We all belong to humankind and yet we need to be reminded to be kind to humans and not forgetting to be kind to ourselves.

My scars, the physical and the mental are beautiful and I love them because they show me I am alive. Whether your imperfections are from childbirth, an accident, birth defects or self inflicted injuries, they show the world who we are and we are very much stronger for them. When you look at your scars, your imperfections, your visible signs that you beat something, overcame something, made a choice to be more, be better, create, repair, live life to its fullest, be proud.


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