If you haven’t come across Timber Hawkeye and The Buddhist Boot Camp may I make a recommendation and suggest you give him some of your precious time. His book is common sense, thought provoking, all wrapped in gratitude. 

What is gratitude? According to Timber it is something that “has a way of turning what we have into enough”.

How often we yearn for more, seek, more, desire better than that which we have. A better job, more money, bigger house…. More, more, more. What about what we already have? When are we going to understand that what we have is simply enough and that ‘more’ doesn’t always mean happier, more fulfilled, richer, kinder, at peace? We can spend a lifetime wishing we had something else, something different, something someone else seemingly has but what about if we stopped for a second and we’re just grateful for what we have. Would this change how you feel about it?

How much do you need, how many things do you have to surround yourself with, what is it you seek before you say ‘I have enough’? How much will you own, what emotions will you experience, how many years will you have to lose before you say ‘I am enough’? For some it can take life changing moments but why wait for these? Why not stop this month, this week, today and look at what you have and be grateful. 

Look at your partner. They may not be perfect but be grateful for all you have experienced together and what you now have. Different is not always bad. Look at your children, family, friends and see how much joy they bring. Look at your home, your job, your lifestyle. Whilst they can always be improved you have these whilst others do not and they bring you stability. Look at yourself. You may be older, you may be a different shape or size or weight. You may not be all you’d hoped to be. Forgive yourself for not being your version of perfection and love who you are. Be grateful that you can love. 

Gratitude. It’s has amazing healing properties. You don’t need a doctor. You don’t need a religion. You don’t need to be in a certain income band or career. You don’t need to be famous. You simply need to look at what you already have and say thank you. Try it and you may find it transforms what you have into enough. 


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