Getting back into your own body

Do you ever have moments when you know you are in the room but you actually don’t feel present at all? It can feel a bit like drowning in your own noise and you simply can’t focus enough to rescue yourself. I’ve been experiencing this since I had my recent operation. I had no idea how much ‘damage’ an anaesthetic can do and how much your body is damaged whilst also being healed from a medical perspective.

I knew I was tired, I knew I was washed out and I knew I needed to rest but even after all of this I didn’t feel right. Someone even said “you are physically here but not with me”. It was as though I couldn’t quite focus or that I was sat on the outside watching my own life but unable to join in. I couldn’t shake it and after showing in tests that I was still really dehydrated and also  with blocked lymph glands I decided to take action.

Reflexology was the first key. For a woman with the worlds most ticklish feet this is, in itself, a feat of tolerance from me and patience from my reflexologist. If you haven’t tried it can I suggest you do. At least once put any reservations or scepticism on one side and give yourself up to the therapist as they will find things in your body that you knew were a problem but couldn’t really put your finger on it.

Healing. Kinesiology. Muscle testing. EFT. Cranial therapy. For all those who just rolled your eyes and said “hippie nonsense” I will ask if you’ve ever tried them. For those who have never heard of them I implore you to look them up and if you are comfortable enough speak to a therapist (recommendation rather than just googling for anyone) and for those who use it and get it, I’m also a massive advocate of these because, for me, they work.

I have had a day of self care and repair. I have loved me. I have made myself the priority because I have come to learn that I am no use to anyone if I don’t. I now feel like myself again. I feel strong, confident, courageous, full up and living in my own body. Most of all I am present in my life, on the right day, at the right time and ready to live again.

It doesn’t have to be as a result of medical intervention, it could just be life’s stresses, trials and tribulations that we all experience. When they get out of hand or aren’t addressed they can become stronger, more empowered and throw you off balance and take you out of your own life and sit you on the sideline. Maybe you recognise yourself in this and need support. I’m no miracle worker but I know what can work if you open your mind and heart and give something other than or in addition to, prescription drugs. Just ask…..



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