This is the life we are here for 

We have one life, we have today, so what are we doing wasting it? We have dreams, we have ambition, we have emotions. We love, we laugh, we desire, we have opportunities. So why are we not living? Because there is always tomorrow.

No my dear friends there is not. We make mistakes, we learn, we grow in and from our past. We live for tomorrow, for our dreams to come true, for the love of our life to realise we stand before them, for that winning lottery ticket to come up. What about today? What is today for ? 

Today is the sum total of your life.

If you want something then you better do something about it today. If you dream of a better you, a better life, a better tomorrow then today is all you have to make a start. If you tell yourself you don’t have time, you are aren’t quite ready, you have to perfect this before you can do……you will lose today, the sun will set and you will have lost the chance to know what it all feels like.

No more excuses. No more procrastinating. No more lying to yourself than you aren’t quite good enough yet. You are all you need to be. You are ready.

Whatever your dreams, whatever you want to be, do and experience, tell the universe. She will laugh as she already knows it’s there, it’s just you can’t see it. She knows it’s already yours, it’s just you haven’t felt it yet. She knows….. You have today to know too.


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