Talking with animals and friendships

I absolutely love this time of year as the farmer brings the ‘teenage’ calves to the field next to the house. It takes me a while but going out each day, keeping still and talking gently they learn to trust me. Eventually they come down to the fence when I go out just to have their heads scrubbed and we ‘chat’. 

Oh how easy it is with animals to gain their trust and yet as human with human it seems so very hard sometimes. Why can’t we trust easily? Why do we first mistrust? What makes us so wary of another human that we assume the worst in them and they have to prove their goodness! 

These cows will be here for a few months and I hate the day I see the farmers trailer come for them as we build a relationship and even though we are a different species and in no way share common ground, we share trust, affection and communication. I find this hard with some of my own.

We mistrust because we fear them or fear ourselves? We take our time and move round each other carefully to see how the other reacts to us. We are guarded to avoid them seeing what? Are we afraid to let them see who we are or are we afraid we will see something in ourselves? 

As children we make friends easily. With animals we gain trust easily. As adults we fear another. This just isn’t right. I wonder if we spend so much time being someone we aren’t that we worry that people will see the person we really are. Is this so wrong? I love meeting people I can just be me with. Kindred spirits so to speak. I spent a long time playing pretend but once I found me, I found communication and trust and being trusted was so much easier. Why had I made life so hard previously?

People say I trust too eaily and should be more guarded. Why? I live my life by gut instinct and believing that everyone is honest. If they let me down or lie, they don’t get chance to do it twice, it’s as simple as that. I’d rather believe people are good (as most really are) than mistrust everyone and miss out on some beautiful friendships. 

Take time, talk gently, be open, be honest, be you. They will come. They may be the best relationships you ever experience. Like the cows, you may begin by living in different worlds but common ground and friendship comes from the most unusual places sometimes. Have fun with it…..


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