Dehydrated Body, Dehydrated Life

We should all probably drink more water but after having my skin tested this week I was genuinely appalled with myself as I had no idea how dehydrated I had allowed myself to become. My skin was 30% lower in hydration than it should be. Why? Because my self care is not as good as I thought it was.

How often in life do we think we are doing enough but in reality are way off the mark. We think because we eat okay, don’t smoke, drink in moderation and get a few hours of ‘good’ sleep that we are ‘doing’ self care. I’m sorry my friends but we are deceiving ourselves. We are allowing our ego to dictate and tell us stories to make us feel like we are in control.

I eat okay, don’t drink alcohol often, don’t smoke, take care of my skin, meditate and manage stress levels so why is this not enough? I’m doing enough to tell myself I’ve ticked all those boxes (and oh how we all do this) but no more than that! We may not realise it but dehydration has a great deal to answer for…. lack of sleep, lethargy, low concentration levels, poor looking skin, irritability…. the list goes on. But what about dehydration of the inner you? Your soul. Your intellectual stimulation. Your peace of mind? Are you dehydrated there too? Are you feeding these properly to gain full hydration or again are you just doing enough to satisfy your ego?

But how on earth do you feed your soul? You can’t see it, it’s not scientifically annotated as to the care plan and it’s not written in a ‘how to’ book, so how? As usual I can’t answer that for anyone but me unless I’ve worked with you at some point and know you more, but for me it’s time for me, reading and stimulating my brain and thought processes, talking with those who stimulate intellectually, it’s meditation and listening to my own self and body, it’s creativity and allowing it to flow, its gratitude for all I have now and in the future, it’s giving love unconditionally to all, it’s self belief and it’s forgiving myself when I don’t quite meet my own expectations. That feeds my soul and keeps me hydrated. How do you think it works for you?

We all have times when we feel exhausted, run down and lethargic as we all have busy lives and forget sometimes that we should slow down and take more care. As ‘normal’ as we feel this is, when its small incremental disregard for self, it builds over time and dehydration of our bodies, our minds and our soul begins to envelop us, slowly creeping, seeping into us and we, being the busy humans that we are, don’t even see it until its too late.

Just pause for a second and think about your life, your body, your mind, your soul and ask yourself if you are taking in the nourishment you could? Don’t become a dry husk of your former you…..


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