Standing naked

I stand here in front of the mirror, as naked as the day I was born. What do I see?

I see a woman. I see a lit match; pale skin and fiery red hair. I see a face and body older than I’d like. I see a rounder body than I used to have. I see the signs of gravity and childbirth. I see a beautiful woman. I see confidence. I see determination and courage. I see tattoos telling a story, my story. I see scars that tell a few too. I see laughter lines. I see a heart that loves unconditionally to those who deserve it. I see me. For the first time in my life I see me. 

Even standing in front of the mirror fully clothed for some is a chore, a sense of deplorability, a big no no. Standing naked can be beyond possibility. Naked for some is a step too far. I do understand as that was once me. A quick glance was all I used to give myself because I didn’t like what I saw and I didn’t want to be reminded of who I had become. Who I had allowed me, others and time to make me. 

We, British in particular, seem to have a real fear of naked but of what are we afraid?  Is it visual? Is it that it makes us vulnerable? Is it a fear of rejection? Is it dirty? Is it sinful? Or is it much deeper than that and naked gives us an awareness of exactly who we are and we can’t cope with that? We can cover naked, we can avoid naked, we can skim over and see the bits we need or want to. Is naked a step too far for you I wonder or are you willing to strut your stuff and find the positives in what stares back at you. 

I say find the positives as that is seemingly the hardest thing. The easiest is to see the bits you hate and make excuses for them. To see the positives takes insight into you. It means being honest, open, true and it means stripping off, stripping back and being brutal. I am not suggesting you do this with anyone else present. I am not suggesting you do it in public. I am suggesting you try it and see what it feels like to stand and just look. 

To find you, to see you, to be you and all you can be I think, in this day and age with peer pressure, media pressure, lifestyle choice and career chasing we lose ourselves. It’s time to find you and then learn to love you. Only then can you be you. What better human being to be than the naked newborn who has potential to do, see, be anything they choose. It’s never too late to look in the mirror. 

My last thought…. I love my naked self, physically and spiritually and I’ve finally accepted it’s the only human being I can be. I hope you at some point take the opportunity to love your naked self too. 


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