Dare to be different?

How brave are you? Would you be willing to step away from everyone’s expectations and do things they way you want to do them? This question is business and personal.

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are your peers? Your mentors? your inspiration? Do you genuinely believe you fit into the life you lead or are you the proverbial square peg in the round hole but expectation dictates that you remain? Whose expectation is it that you stay? A genuine one or one you think people are holding? Does it come from others or what you think others think? Do you ever stop and stand still and ask yourself – am I happy or is this right for me?

“OMG she’s up on her soap box again”. No, really I’m not, but I have had time to sit and watch rather than take part in life this week and I have seen many fabulous things going on but also some things that have made me doubt peoples love for where they are and the authenticity in what they are saying and doing (I include myself in this). Are we so embroiled in marketing ourselves, our businesses, our lives, that we forget who we actually are or is it just easier, less complicated to follow the crowd?

For those who just stopped reading I wish you well as you know my words just hit a nerve but you aren’t ready to hear them; to those who have stayed either you just like reading or you are ready to listen and do. Whichever group you are in…. I continue in my ramblings, thoughts to deeds, words to mind.

“Change! You must be out of your mind!”

Yes! You have to be out of your mind to be able to create. You have to be out of your mind to learn. You have to be out of your mind to feel. You have to be out of your mind to believe. Stepping out of your mind and into your heart you will find courage. Stepping out of your mind and into your heart you will find self expression. Stepping out of your mind and into your heart you will find love, for yourself and therefore your fellow man. Stepping out of your mind and into your heart you will find peace. Then and only then are you able to step off the path that others walk upon and find your own.

If you can do this, how on earth do you move from there? One step at a time…..

I cannot answer this for you as its your choice, your journey, your needs and dreams and desires. Whatever path you are on is your passion and purely yours. You will infect others with your enthusiasm and excitement and they may ask to join you but again its your choice to say yes or no. Are they right, do they fit, is it a shared passion or are they just feeders who eat away at your energy and fire, leaving you drained and exhausted. Are they a positive influence/personality or is their energy negative and debilitating? A lot of questions? Yes of course! I never said stepping off the path was easy or quiet now did I?

But first things first…… can you possibly look at your world, your life, you and be honest? Then do it and stop this stone rolling downhill gathering all you don’t need right now. Hit the pause button to see if you really are ready to be different. In being different you become you.









2 Replies to “Dare to be different?”

    1. I can only answer that from my experiences over the last five years but I spent so many years doing what I thought was right that when my world imploded and I had to look deep inside I found the true me. That began another journey of looking, developing, questioning and only then did I know who I am, what I am and the possibilities of where this can go should I choose it. Hope that makes sense.
      I was a dancer and always the one on the end 😊


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