Living not watching life

Isn’t it funny how time to just sit and be gets your head whirring in a way it’s not done in a while. A feeling of cleaning out the cobwebs or shaking the duvet when you put on new bed linen and there’s no creases. Clarity.

I’ve had no choice but to allow my body to heal. I’ve had no choice but to rest, sleep, think. I’ve had no choice but what an abundance of choices I have found in the silence of my own life. I am coming to realise that what’s ahead is all I want it to be, all I achieve is mine and all I will be is simply a series of choices I make right here, right now.

I thought, because of the chaos I had been living in for years, that where I was was gentle and peaceful and I was happy with it all. I have come to realise this is not the case at all. I am still in a state of flux and I am not sat in that big comfy sofa at all, I am actually sat on the edge, itching to do more, do new, gather what worked for me and add new thoughts, ways of working, assertiveness and make my life what I want it to really be. Some may say I’ve found and reignited my mojo.

This involves big decisions, big changes, walking away from some things and beginning some new. Will people approve? Will people be surprised? Will others judge who I am and what I’m doing? Do you know, it doesn’t matter. To be me, to do what I am supposed to do and be happy whilst I’m doing it with the people who mean most to me is actually all that counts. Living life, not watching it.

What about you? When was the last time you actually took a peek at where you are? Are you really happy with what you are doing or do you need to shake it / yourself up a little? Is it time to reassess and just check? Might be worth a look! You may be more than surprised, you may be reenergised and ready to grow again. 


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