The mind is willing…

The mind is willing to be creative, think, process, talk, do. Sadly the body she says no. 

After an emergency operation to free me of a perforated appendix I’m now home, sprawled carefully on the sofa surrounded by all I need. The body is not up to muster. 

Oh how we take our health for granted. Walking to the kitchen, the bathroom, lying in bed in comfort. Oh how to be able to just stand up and go make lunch or drive the car to the shop or pick up my boy from school. What things we do automatically but never appreciate the ability to do. 

When my mind was unable to process that seemed easy as I simply didn’t want to do anything at all.  When my body is unable I get frustrated. So, how do we achieve this mind body balance to ensure we create a place for ourselves where we are satisfied, able, enthusiastic, at peace in ourselves?

The answer will of course be different for everyone but the fact we find this balance is absolutely critical. I ask others to think of their health but don’t always practice what I preach because sometimes I don’t notice my own whilst I support others, sometimes it’s too hard and sometimes life gets in the way. 

Being wired up and heading for theatre is a wake up call from your body. This is your body saying you may finally have your head straight but why the hell did you forget about me!!!! Why am I not a priority?

You cannot survive in peace without a healthy mind. You cannot keep going without a healthy body. You must have faith in you and all your dreams so the healthy spirit too is a must. Balance. Not perfection. Just balance. 


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