Sat with nothing to do

I was with my beautiful girl but not feeling right. Being the student nurse that she is she made me call 111 and get to the walk in centre. Within hours I was admitted and minus my appendix. Oops!

Trouble is now I’ve nothing to do except rely on social media and watch and listen. Well social media isn’t all that exciting when it’s all you have I’ve discovered. Watching three other ladies sitting, hmm not sure that is interesting either.

Listening…. now that’s exciting because I can use my imagination. I can paint pictures of who I can hear in the corridors, the other wards and visitors that come and go. I can give them all faces and lives and personalities. I can decide why they are in and when they are going home. It’s good to create as the realities for some are awful. 

The number going home to no one but a carer who pops in. The number who can’t have a shower at home for no other reason than she only gets 30 minutes with her carer and that’s not enough time…. the number who are unable to lead the lives they want or even get comfy in bed at night. 

I may be minus my appendix but I have people who care, who love me, who make me laugh. I don’t have to rely on a stranger to do those intimate things like wash me, take me to the toilet, feed me. I am privileged and an independent, fortunate woman who is thankful for doctors and nurses who’ve taken care of me so beautifully. 


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