How fragile is life

Another beautiful soul passed this weekend and it reminds me how fragile life is here on earth. 

She was like a delicate bird, fluttering but her very core made of steel, grit and determination to beat whatever was thrown at her, and believe me that was lots. Outwardly she was small, no petite, she was as fragile to look at as though made of paper but she had a strength that most of us will never have. Determination not to be beaten, belief she would beat all illnesses given and a courage beyond anything I have seen to live life to its very best. There was no telling this beauty that she couldn’t….

These people that pass through our lives are here to teach us and we have the choice to learn from them. When I think I will give up, I say no that’s too easy. When I think I am feeling unwell, I will remind myself of the hundred of thousands living with debilitating diseases. When I am tired and on my last legs I will find a will of steel to continue. When I think my life is tough I will find another way to tackle it. Live and learn or let life take over. Choice.

I have few words today so I ask you to consider your life and what you are doing with it. It’s short, it’s a gift and time will run away if you don’t take control. Then life is gone. Don’t live today as if it’s your last, just live it.

Namaste beautiful lady and thank you for blessing so many people’s lives with your gifts of peace and quiet determination.


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