The width of an eyelash

“Sometimes it seems to me that the difference between what we want and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.” (Quote from The Second Best Marigold Hotel)

What do you fear most in this world? Mine is losing all that I love by loving too much and failing at what I try so not trying. Two seemingly ridiculous concepts in the cold light of day but can put fear into me deep in the night to stop me sleeping. What if I love someone so much it makes them leave me? What if what I try fails and I don’t achieve my goals? 

If what you want is so precious that you fear it’s loss, believe me that object, that person, that dream is exactly what you should have in your life. That fear is what shows you how much you want it and that fear makes sure you achieve it or guard it with your life. That width of an eyelash is what makes you feel alive!

Fear is seen as a negative and of course it can be, but fear, fear of being caught, fear of being a failure, fear of loss, in fact any kind of fear can also be a blessing. Feeling fear is feeling something and that, in my book, is better than feeling nothing. Feeling fear indicates the ability to take risk, to stand at the edge of possibility and take a step forward and to believe that what you’re doing or at very least, attempting to do, is what keeps you alive. 

We all know the wrong type of fear can paralyse you. Being in a relationship that is abusive, being in a vehicle with someone’s who has been drinking or has taken drugs, or putting yourself or someone else in danger by doing what you are doing. That is not the fear to which I refer. The positive type of fear is that knot in your stomach, the butterflies, that shall I shan’t I feeling, the what if fear, these are ‘I’m alive’ fears. These are the I have choices and yes they may go wrong fears. These are the if I don’t do this, try this, say this fears that will leave you with regret.

I have no intention of experiencing regret…..


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