How precious, time

How beautiful is time. We have so much of it and yet there comes a time when it seems so short and we still have so much more to do, to experience, to achieve. We want more, more time to laugh, see, love, hold, do, gain. How precious time and yet so many waste what they have.

“There’s no present like the time”. One film that produces many beautiful quotations is the Second Best Marigold Hotel. I could quote from this many times over but this one today resonates well. 

When we are born we are given a gift and that gift is time. If we spend our lives chasing dreams instead of realising and living in them, we are wasting it. If we live on what if and maybe, we are never utilising time to its best. If we are always wishing for more, we never enjoy what we have. Time is a gift. Why waste it? Don’t waste it.

If, like many, you feel life is now passing you by so you won’t try, I stamp my feet and shout at you “if not now, when?” When will you see that today is the best day to begin and so what if you never see the fruits of your labour or don’t quite achieve perfection, you will have been fulfilled in getting life to where it can be handed to anothers heart and memory. 

“Planting trees under which you may never sit.” Another fabulous quote from the same film and it says all that we should be. All that we should aim for. All that we should do. Who cares that you haven’t quite finished what you started because you began it so late? Who minds that you didn’t create an empire? Who will belittle your memory with “if only they’d left more” and to be honest what does it matter if they did. 

Life if for living and whether you have today, next year, ten years or more, live each day as fully as possible and don’t get to the last day and wish you’d been more.
Time is a gift and there really is no present like the time.


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