Step aboard the bus of fun

When did you last have fun in your job? When? Really?  

When you forget to have fun in what you do and as a business owner you allow all the tough side of running a business to take over, do you know what happens? Your client base can fall. New clients just don’t appear like they did. Profits begin to dwindle. Everything becomes harder. Everyone else appears to be doing so much better. Your belief in yourself and what you do diminishes and you begin to doubt. You doubt your choice of business, your capability and your ability to do the job. 

Sound familiar?

Loving what you do and playing with it (not at it) is essential to creating a successful business. If you suddenly begin to feel like you did when you were employed may I suggest you step back and see where you lost the love and therefore the fun. It’s all fixable, just lighten up and stop taking yourself so seriously.

Make a game of attracting new clients, set yourself some fun targets and reward yourself as if you are rewarding an employee. Network. That word can fill the heart with fear and dread but have fun with it. Not all groups are serious and do manage the mix of business and humanity (read that as relationship building and therefore fun). Building relationships brings in new ideas, creativity, laughter, interest in you and in others way of working and therefore new business and opportunities.  Revisit your marketing strategy.  Make what people see worth looking into further. You are your brand so make it one worth taking a second look at.

If you can’t laugh at yourself and the way you are working your business it’s time for change.

What about you, take the business side away. When did you last have fun? Same thing applies my friend. When you begin to bore yourself with your misery and hard done by stories you have reached the point where choice steps in. Wallow or change. Wallow? Change? What’s it to be? Would you like to hear yourself laugh, giggle or even allow yourself a gentle snigger under your breath at something you’ve done or said? When did you last make yourself laugh? 

Lighten up and live. Life is too short and, if you are in business, you are damaging what you’ve worked damn hard to achieve. Board the bus of fun and let’s party.


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