Good morning world

I post every day with a picture I love. I may have taken it or been sent it or I may have found it and thought it beautiful so banked it for another day. With that I write what comes to me and I say good morning. I’m not saying it to anyone in particular, just everyone. I think everyone should have a good morning wished to them because that is what it should always be.

Ever woken tired, grumpy, fed up with the very thought of what you have to do that day? That’s not good. Ever woken sad, lonely, tired of life as you are living it? That’s sad in itself. Ever woken and wished you could just turn over and go back to sleep? That’s disinterest in life. Ever woken and wished you hadn’t? That was my reality. So, to wake and wish myself a good morning and know it is another day to be me is priceless.

Imagine if you will that you didn’t wake today, how would that impact the world you have left behind. We fear our own mortality but let’s be realistic here, we all die. That’s life. What we leave behind is what counts. I am curious as to what you emotions have you left for others to deal with. Would they be happy that you were happy right to the last minute? Would they be happy that you fulfilled your dreams or at least tried living them? Would they know that you were happy whilst you were here and appreciated every day you had? If not how does that sit with you? Are you wasting time, wasting life, not fulfilling your own potential? I wonder….

Imagine if you will that you were given just one day more. What would you do with it? Would you try something you’ve never done before? Find the person you love and tell them so? Play with your kids? Enjoy a meal with those you care for most? I have no idea but the opportunities are endless and the outcomes priceless. If you could do it for one day, why not do it every day now, whilst you can? 

Don’t tell me you can’t. If you really wanted it, you would find a way. If you wanted to learn you would seek out a course and do it. You would find the time and the money. If you wanted to travel you would book your ticket. If you wanted to be with someone in particular you’d go to the end of the earth to be with them. Don’t make excuses. The only person stopping you living your life as you want it, is you. It’s not always easy (who said life would be), but it is all achievable if you have the heart to do it.

It’s choices. It’s courage to be you. It’s the bravery of doing what is right for you and not worrying about what anyone else thinks. It’s called living. We are not given life by our parents to mope around, wishing for more, being unfulfilled. Would you wish that on your children if you have them? So why do it yourself. Get up and do. Get up and be. Get up and make today as good as your last one should/could/would be. 

Good morning world!


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