Take a breath

Take a deep breath in, yes now. Hold it for four counts when you feel like you can take in no more and then let it out, slowly and hear that breath as it leaves you.  Do it again and this time breathe in something beautiful, clean, fresh, alive, whatever that may be to you. Hold it. Breathe out all that is bad, stressed, angry, disappointing, sad. And repeat. Repeat until there is no more dark, bad breath coming out, only breath.

I use this technique or some similar version every morning before I do anything else and at any point during the day or night when my world gets too much. I take five. I take a breath. I breathe. I don’t think we consciously do this as often as we should and sometimes people don’t know how to. Some have forgotten what it’s like to breathe. That makes me very sad.

Taking a breath, even one long one gives you back time. It gives you a moment to stop the chaos, anger, hurt or whatever else is sticking inside you and blocking the good energy that you need to be alive and be happy. It gives you peace. It gives you a sense of perspective and it stops you saying things that are usually best left unsaid or, if it needs to come out, it will give you the courage to say it but with clarity and forethought.

If you are sat thinking, is she mad, I don’t have time to do this, then you are exactly who I am speaking to. What if this breath I’ve just given you was the last one you were allowed? Wouldn’t you want it to be the longest breath ever to give you time? Time to love, time to say goodbye, time to say and do all the things you’ve forgotten to say and do in your busy world. It’s you who makes it busy, for whatever reason; you are are responsible for the busyness. So what you going to do with this one last long breath? Who are you spending it with? How are you feeling about life knowing this is it? Are you going to make this as drawn out and as beautiful, filled with as much love and happiness as possible?

Last breaths need not be dramatic like on the movie screen. Last breaths should be spent with those you love and be peaceful. I know where and with whom I’d spend mine but meantime I make sure I make the ones I have count. I will make sure they are deep, fresh and clear of anger or hurt or disappointment. Life is short enough without their intervention. I will take time to just stop for a few minutes each day and just breathe, reflect on my day, my time, my now and enjoy it.

You have one breath left to make more time for yourself, for those you love and for your life to be more fulfilled, happier, beautiful. You have one more breath to give you time to do what’s inside you, what you’re passionate about. One breath to live the dream. One more breath to be the you that you are born to be. Don’t waste it.. Promise me, promise yourself not to waste it.


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