And the competition winner is…

Do you ever enter competitions? I do occasionally, always assuming I won’t win and therefore I’m always right. This time I entered something because I thought it would be fun, take me out of my comfort zone and be a lovely keepsake too and, I win.  A photo shoot being the prize. Now I know there were many winners because this is part of their marketing strategy and provides them with new clients but do I care? No I do not because this gives me exactly what I wanted when I entered.

I guess I am trying to get across that what you expect you get, it may not always be at the time you want it, therefore it’s comes at the time you need it, but it does come. I think sometimes the universe plays with us and has a fairly naughty sense of humour in that they make us learn, play, grow, experience patience, love and give on the way. This is why we have to repeat experiences at times, because the universe doesn’t think we learnt from it the time before.

It’s time for some fun for me. I have always been relatively serious but lurking inside is a cheeky, naughty, sense of humour that on occasions comes out. Surprises people too sometimes as its always been enclosed by the serious, harsh facade on a general day to day basis. Now there will be some reading I am sure who know me and think this is odd as all they see is the fun one….. That’s because I’m always the real me, the inner me with them. They know me, I trust them and therefore allow the real me out.

My inner child needs to come out and play. My inner child doesn’t worry about tomorrow. My inner child doesn’t have responsibility in this particular moment. My inner child lives to love life. Do you need to set yours free too? Has life, have you, become a little too serious? Are you only ever seeing things, situations, people, work, finances, life through an adults eyes? 

Just for today how about looking with the eyes of a child and seeing the wonder around you, the magic in the things we do, the colour, the noise, the joy. We have all this but as adults we choose not to see it, usually because of the expectations we put on ourselves and allow society to put on us. It’s time to break free from these bonds, these restrictions and play a little. Remember that you get what you need and you need to enjoy life. If you think it, you will get it. 

Why is the photo shoot going to be fun? Ha ha ha! Maybe I will post a picture and you will see for yourself….


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