Was it you?

Was it you who brushed against me and spoke to my soul telling it to be strong and keep moving on? Was it you who held my hand when I was falling? Was it you who said it was okay to cry when I thought I needed to stay silently strong? Was it you who came and held my hand one last time when my world was ending?  If not you, who?

We all have different faiths and beliefs and none should ever be judged or questioned. It’s all about your belief. Belief makes you strong, belief gets you from where you are to where you need to be. Belief can be our saviour and our strength. Do not ever question what you know deep down to be your truth. Do not listen to someone’s else’s version of what you truly believe if they are there only to make you doubt.

Belief in yourself, belief in who you are and your values is what makes you able to conquer anything and everything that you come across in life. That may be emotional struggles where there seems to be a never ending darkness inside. It may be physical struggles when your body says it’s too sick, too old, too weary to continue down this path you are asking it to travel. It maybe be mindset and your use of negative words, battling against your ego, fighting the questioning doubts of your inner self. But believe, I beg you.

When I was stood on the edge of the blackest black, who took my hand and pulled me away from the edge? I’d like to believe those who’d passed saved me and sent me home because they knew there was work for me to do and not seeing doesn’t mean I don’t believe but if I look deep inside I know it was me. I chose to stay and fight and rid myself and my life of those demons holding me back from being who I was meant to be, who I am today. It was me.

If you ever feel close to the edge of a pool of blackness and think its a good idea to keep walking, please pause for just a second and ask yourself what this life, your life, is all for. I can’t stop you, pull you back or make you stay as you still have the ability and desire to make choices but humour me and ask yourself “am I better than this, can I be more, is there someone, something worth fighting my inner me for”. I hope that is a yes and you stay a while so you can ask the question later “was it you who held my hand”. That would be a yes from me.


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