Press the pause button

Have you ever felt like life is moving too fast for you and you just need a minute to catch your breath? Oh how useful to have a pause button to press, just for a second or two, just whilst you catch up with life or it with you. You do know there is one don’t you and you have the ability and permission to press it?

You maybe need five minutes, a few hours or a day (longer if it’s life changing stuff), but stopping and taking stock is absolutely vital. I find my body normally does this for me when change is due and I have very little energy to do anything so am somewhat forced to sit and reflect. Saturday for me was one of those days. I’m not entirely sure I was able to move off the sofa all day. My head needed to switch off and my body needed rest. Did I feel guilt? Not guilt as such but it did take a while before I accepted that nothing was the only thing on the agenda that day.

You can press the pause button on your life for five minutes by taking yourself to a place where only you go. Somewhere safe, secure, precious to you and in your minds eye. Go there, breathe, be quiet and catch up with yourself, be kind to yourself and let yourself rest. 

You could take a couple of hours and head out for a walk, bike ride or drive and switch off. Switching off for me by the way is sometimes thinking one thing through to resolution, it’s not always thinking nothing. It can be choosing one thing that needs resolving to give me peace.

Press the button for a weekend or a few days and go on retreat. This can be organised for you or one you create yourself. Those of you who come here regularly will know last year I created my own retreat: paints, music, journal and me in the middle of nowhere in my little hobbit house for two days.

This is something you need to do alone. This is not a joint effort, even if someone else needs to be in the discussions afterwards, to switch off its only you. Only you can stop. Only you knows what is needed. Only you understands your issues. Only you knows you well enough to do this. Only you has the ability to press your own pause button. 

Listen to your body. Are you struggling physically, getting sick, experiencing more aches and pains than usual for you? Listen. It’s telling you to slow down. Are  you unable to keep a train of thought through to its end or flitting around unsure of what to think next as there are so many things? Listen. Your head is asking, begging you to slow down. Are you present in your own life and know all that is going on not only for yourself but also those around you? No? Then listen to yourself and stop. Press that pause button.

If your finger is hovering above that button, stop procrastinating and press it. If you don’t there is no one else to blame for your short comings, your lack of energy, your lack of productivity and focus, your lack of progress. This is your button, your control, your life and for it to be all it can be, all you want it to be, sometimes you have to accept that you need to stop, pause, reenergise and go again. It’s not failure, it’s the doorway to a new beginning.


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