Liver and onions???

I was struggling with my blog today and after writing three that just weren’t sitting right and were therefore abandoned, I was acutely aware there was something else rattling round in my head and, on the back of a conversation about liver and onions, out came these song words (weird but that’s my head sometimes).

🎶The ink is black, the page is white. Together we learn to read and write. A child is black. A child is white. A whole world looks upon the sight. A beautiful sight. And now a child can understand, that this is the law of all the land. All the land. 🎶

I remember this song from my childhood but never really thought about the meaning behind them at the time. I have never been brought up to see someone’s colour before I saw the person so the whole segregation story, slavery or discrimination has never been in the forefront of my thought process. The actual inspiration seemingly revolves around the end of segregation in America and the verse originally written but left out of the recording was “Their robes were black, their  heads were white, the schoolhouse doors were closed so tight. Nine judges all set down their names, to end the years and years of shame.” Thank the Lord for those nine…

This is not me standing on a soap box, this is not a political or ethical statement, this is not me talking about the rights and wrongs of people’s attitudes to our multi racial society. This is talking about how beautiful people are. We are all colours, we are all shapes, sizes and we are male and female and yet can love and be with whomever we choose (in most places). We make different sounds as we speak different languages but our words can always be the same if we make choices for them to be. Words about caring, love, commitment to better lives for our children, peace, friendship, passion for good lives and being able to be and give the best to another person.

Words on a page are black and white, it’s the only way to read clearly what is being said but as people we simply cannot be so black and white. We must be multi cultural and multi coloured in our approach to everything and everyone. Being understanding about anothers choices, opinions, lifestyle or actions. Being flexible when dealing with others as well as ourselves. Giving the benefit of doubt before making judgements and giving ourselves unconditionally to encourage others to do the same.

Be the example of a page of beautifully coloured, beautifully written words and create a song that people will remember for a lifetime.


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