As it is it will be

My voice and my head said different things. What I thought I rarely voiced for fear of being wrong, being judged or being too honest for someone else to handle. My thoughts stayed and festered until they were red and sore and angry and there was no choice but to let them go.

My voice and my head now work in conjunction with my heart and say the words needed to be heard. Too honest? Maybe. Too open? Possibly. Too much for some? Definitely. I don’t have a filter anymore and it’s absolutely liberating but the thing is, I don’t find these words ever appear like before and only come out as originally intended.

When you don’t know what to say or how to say something, you have a choice. You can say what’s in your heart or you can say nothing. Hmmm that may be opening you to all sorts of emotions and feelings that you haven’t let out in many a day. It may be laying you as naked as a newborn, vulnerable and yet as honest as is humanly possible and yet it may show the vulnerability the person you stand before is waiting for, knowing its there but unable to unlock that part of you.

Say nothing and what are the consequences? The redness, the soreness, the anger? Possibly but it depends what it is you need to say. Frustration at always been on the edge of being open and true? The other person making choices they may not make if you said what’s inside? The other person hurting just a little more (they can see it but need to hear it too). Even bad news needs to be aired and will be known already by the other but good news and emotional release definitely needs words.

As it is it will be. Trust yourself. Trust what is inside is what is needing to come out. What have you got to say today? What words are getting stuck in your throat? Why? Are you afraid of the consequences, the emotions it may release or the reaction you will get? All absolutely valid reasons for how you feel but the alternative, is it worth it? 

Life is short and you get one chance to be who you need to be, live, laugh, love, grow and may I remind you (in case you have fogotten) you are allowed and deserve to have a shot at happiness, love, wealth, choices, new and endless possibilities. If you stood in this place before and chose not to speak up then, maybe, just maybe, this is the universe giving you another attempt to experience the awesomeness of what could be.

Take off the filter you have created inside you, breathe and let the words flow. Be mindful of the other persons possible reaction but never let it stop you saying from your heart what needs to be said. What must be said, say.


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