No I’m not a werewolf

When you spend half the night, or what felt like hours, watching the moon move across the sky you do indeed wonder about its magic. How can a bright planet in the night sky draw you in so deeply to its power. No I’m not a werewolf and I didn’t howl but I did stay watching and marvelling in fascination at its beauty.

I can tell from the attempts on photographing the night sky on Facebook and the comments that I was not the only one totally captivated by this astounding full moon. Being captivated by something so beautiful, so powerful, I wonder if we truly recognise its power and its influence to us here on planet earth.

Influence and power. Not always visible and not always recognised in people. Over the years I have met people with the ability to change people’s thinking or who, with little effort, guide them into doing something unexpected or out of their usual boundaries. Are you one of these? Do you know your own power, level of influence and do you use it it your benefit or to grow someone else?

In my time I have met both of these types. The influencers I wou.ld capture the moon for because it would give them pleasure and those whom I’d steal the moon for because they led me to believe it was good for me when in reality it was because it was kept them in charge. There’s a very very fine line between the two and that is intent. We all have a level of influence over another but the intent in which we use it defines what type of human being we are. An influencer or a manipulator. Which, I wonder, are you?

I have worked for a manipulator. One whose power was so huge because they said the right things to the right people to gain allies, who made sure they were knowledgeable and therefore needed, who kept others down to keep themselves in power. This was simply insecurity, theirs. This was not malice. This was not a person who wanted to rule the world, they just wanted to be centre of attention and loved. I want to defend them but they made my life miserable as I allowed them to use that influence instead of standing up and saying no.

I have also worked with a true leader, an inspiring influencer. Their power was also huge but with them I felt secure, cared for and felt developed, grown and nurtured. Their skill sets, similar, their ability, similar, their drive and ambition similar but their intent and personal insecurities were totally opposite ends of the spectrum. For this one I’d have captured the moon just to see them smile.

Your power, your influence, your pull on others in your life is far more powerful than is visible to the naked eye and whilst you stand tall and captivate attention be mindful of the invisible power you have for keeping someone up at night. They don’t want to be fearing they are a werewolf with multiple personalities depending on your mood, needs, insecurities and desires?


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