The wheels on the bus

Were you ever singing that children’s song over and over and over again? 🎶the wheels on the bus go round and round….. The wipers on the bus go swish swish swish…. The mummies on the bus go chat chat chat🎶. It went on and on and on and even makes me twitch after all this time of not having to sing it with my children.

It does have a point though (mind you I apologise as its now probably singing away in your head). The wheels on the bus do go round and the bus moves forward. You can get on where you are and off at the press of a bell when you get to where you need to go. There are others on board you share the journey with and as long as you buy a ticket it can be a pretty exciting way to ride and enjoy the view.

Yesterday I told you the winds of change had come whistling round, well I’ve bought my ticket and just waiting for the bus now. I’m a pretty impatient woman so I guarantee this bus won’t come quick enough for me but I do know it will be on time when I am supposed to be catching it. Sometimes you just have to wait for the buses schedule and not try and live by your own. If you do you could be waiting a very long time and wasting what time you have. You may even be at the wrong stop if the route has changed and you weren’t aware.

You always get what you need, not always what you want. 

Life has a funny way of turning out and even though I have sometimes begged it to stop dealing me bad stuff, it’s never let me down. It’s like it knows what’s out there for me and gives it me when I’m ready. Back to the bus analogy, you need to have prepared for the journey by deciding where you want to be, to have got dressed, packed if necessary, checked your schedules, prepared, told the right people where you are going, arranged a safe place to stay at your destination and bought a ticket. This preparation isn’t always as easy as you think and sometimes you’ve forgotten something and have to delay but eventually you are ready.

My head is as clear as it’s ever been. My mindset is positive. My heart is open. My senses, for awareness, are on fire and in tune with the universe. I’ve verbalised my intent to those who matter and the universe and all that’s left is to be ready to go as soon as its time. I only roughly know the time but for now that’s okay with me.

Once I begged life to stop and let me get off. I worked through and I worked hard and now I find myself standing eagerly waiting for the bus to arrive so the next journey can begin. This takes patience and faith and belief in me and my gut instincts, none of which I thought I would ever have again. Things change. People change. You can change if you are willing to run with the possibility of meeting Mr Uncomfortable, Mrs Frustration and possibly even Mr Failure. You just have to wish them a good day and move on. Ready?…..


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